Various game assets


It’s been a LONG time since i’ve posted anything here. Here’ssome exercises out of work to better myself. I’ll continue to update as I get them done.

The images are maya screenshots with baked lightmap applied

            polys: 1066
            1024 diffuse, 256 Lightmap
 [[img][/img]](  [[img][/img]](
            polys: 1491  
               texture: 1024 diffuse, 256 light map
  [[img][/img]](    [[img][/img]]([[img][/img]](


I like how the viewport says “FLock Off” in the lower right.

Seriously though, could we get a larger picture to see the details?

Oops, sorry, I just had my glasses on backwards…

It looks great! Maybe throw some clumps of earth and such where the “tire” meets the “wheel”.


Nice. Really well done. Reminds me to get back to work on my prop stuff.


One thing that does bug me is how the sides (particularly) look like they’re stamped out of sheet metal and painted to look like wood. The silhouette edges are way too straight and crisp. For a distant game prop, it would look fine, nonetheless.


new update

thanks for the feedback. will look at fixing up those sides


Good looking stuff. Just for kicks, could you post your wireframes/texture sheets?


sure, won’t be home this weekend, but i’ll try to remember to on monday.


Here are texture sheets and wireframes so far.

  Wood Cart
    [[img][/img]](  [[img][/img]](

Old Boat


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