Variety: Vfx rage raises cyber attack fears


"Growing anger in the struggling visual-effects community is raising concerns that some of its more extreme members could mount a cyber attack against a major vfx facility with the intention of damaging digital assets for one or more upcoming studio tentpoles. "

The circumstances that would precipitate an attack aren’t difficult to divine. Some of the most aggrieved members of the vfx community are the same people who designed the inner workings of vfx houses, including render servers, composite pipelines and back-up systems.



We were warned.


Yeah, don’t listen to that - it’s just media induced dribble meant to make headlines and start panic.

“peeps scoured the web & found zero references or any geek squad’s call to cyber attack. It’s a plant, and shows we’re getting attention.”

#vfx or #vfxprotest for more


Why VFX artists would ever attack their VFX houses? VFX terrorism? Doesn’t make any sense, anything attempted would immediately affect their work, lives, families and its the latest thing everybody want.



That seems incredibly distasteful that they would suggest that might happen, shows a very big lack of respect for people in the industry.


Seems pretty unlikely to me too. Aren’t most hackers 15 year olds with nothing better to do?
The media these days relies more and more on doom and gloom and trying to panic people to generate traffic. I’d bet this ‘report’ was completely fabricated.



This is very much from the ‘Bigfoot spotted urinating on UFO’ school of journalism…


VFX rage?

That’s so insulting calling that a rage.
I do hope they do see what a RAGE is.



I rage rendered all the shot frames without motion blur. Supervisor will be mad tomorrow, mission complete.


At first I thought it was something like “anonymous hacking vfx studios” from the article name and thought that is dumb. Sadly the actual article is even dumber.


So the biggest industry trade magazine finally devotes some ink to the plight of the VFX industry and it’s to smear VFX workers as potential cyber terrorists? I think my WTF meter just exploded. I’d love to know the actual source of this yellow journalism hit piece. Unbelievable.


Half declined comment and the others said they were unaware of any such specific threat.

And yet they went ahead and wrote this piece of shit article regardless.

Why even post this here? It’s a total waste of time.


It’s inane rubbish, and Cohen’s reply to a private query about it was even dumber.
Why even bother giving it further audience by linking it here? Seriously.


I agree. It’s making a headline out of a non-existent facts.


Good grief, could it get more inane? It’s so sad to see Variety pushing a hack job on VFX artists :/.


Yellow journalism.


Its better to be ignored by mainstream media than making us look as dumb creatures… :banghead:


So…why not to write a letter asking how do they know this or better yet, retracting the article . Or else we will command the hacker army to take down Variety.


I respectfully disagree. While I also think the contents of the article to be “inane rubbish”, the way “other” media report on these matters would seem to be very much “on topic”, even if (or maybe even: especially if) the way they report on it is pure drivel.


This isn’t inane.
This is an hit piece with proposes of establishing a narrative like the angry tea party.
Now the vfx artists will know what is the MSM. I hope most smart already know what they are against up. It is just the establishment from top of Democractic party donors, to their media: NYT, WP , TV MsNBC etc…