Vampyre, Ruslan Svobodin (2D)


Title: Vampyre
Name: Ruslan Svobodin
Country: Russia
Software: Photoshop

This work created for russian fsntasy card game “Berserk”.
Old Vampyre Lord staying with the sword.
Art work makes for 24 hours at all.


Love the texture of the clothes, and little details…
Keep it up. =)


Privet, Rusian Svobodin. BEAUTIFUL. Great colour & details. Fantastic work.


wow! amazing details!! Love the costume!!


Nice work,

I like it. Gives me a scaring stare from a powerful lord. Facial expression, details are all well executed. Hope to see more form you.


Amazing … very nice


just excellent. The details are amazing. 5 Stars.



Excellent image - details are fantastic. Very nice work with the highlights - makes a big difference. Image has a grand look to it. Without the vampire theme it would have made a wonderful portrait as well.



Woouwch !

noth’n to say instead of 5*…
Amazing details, impressive, nice technic…



Perfect character;) superb details :thumbsup:


Splendid work.


I have to add my voice to the concert of praises.


:thumbsup: super! its awards work. 5 stars.pozdravlyu :applause:


Oh man! Amazing work! I love the character, I love the colors, all! I’m looking forward your next painting!


Superb work, it must have taken real patience. 5*


Magnificent, magnificent work! I’m speechless…

5 well deserved stars from Italy


Very well done. Great Attention to Detail. Just one crit: The head looks too small for the clothing and the hat he is wearing. It almost appears shrunken. Study some of the Old Masters, which I assume you have to some degree, like Franz Hals, or Rembrandt, and you can see what I mean. The head just seems to get lost in all the layers of clothes… but you have done really well on the detail of the clothes…


Excellent Work!


This is awesome! 5*!


I can only repeat what everyone else has already said. Fantastic job, a very subtle take on the vampire concept. Just goes to show you don’t need splotches of blood everywhere to make a great horror image. 5 stars !