VampireDefense Learning Project WIP


Hi, I am starting to learn the game industry work flow, and my brother and a couple friends are learning game programming. I didn’t know about the Unreal Dev Kit until last week and I got very excited about it. Anyways My bro has a ways to go before we can start completely customizing code etc… but we’re starting a project. It’s going to be a single level fps defense game built from the ground up using no premed assets of unreal. 4 players will have to defend themselves, able to move around a 2 layer cliff hideout base type thing with a huge vampire style castle/mansion in the woods spawning all kinds of scary creatures. Our goal is to eventually add some “intelligent” AI and startle the players around every turn, even when they expect something to happen. I’m working on the environment this is my first attempt and making anything pleasing to the viewer I assume it will take months to even get something bearable. Anyways I will be documenting my process for needed C&C going to start from the beginning with a layout I planned and am going to turn into a piece of concept art right now. Here is the very ugly scribly unfinished sketch. If anybody has any Ideas or even art work that we could use and you think would be a fun asset to add throw them my way Thanks!


Hey everyone I’ve started to model the building. This is my first attempt at any type of building let alone one designed for a game environment so let me know if there is anything I’m doing obviously wrong. I will be making the level in UDK, and I understand there are some problems of vibrating textures if the vertices’s touch but are not welded. I am pretty sure I have no vertices’s sharing the same spot if a piece of the mesh is not attached it is sticking through another piece. I hear that it’s hard to get the best lighting effects after the light maps are made unless all vertices’s are welded in 1 solid mesh does anybody know if I will run into this problem? anyways heres the pic

1,473 polys so far, this is only one side of the building.


hi, its an ambitious thing you are facing.
im studying game design/art for games right now and we usually work in teams of 5-6 people and your project is a bit bigger than what we aim at for half a years group work (we have 1 8 hour day a week for it)
so keep it simple, its always mroe work than expected!

looking at your model id say you are wasting a lot of poly in the side of the building, try to optimize it more (you propably dont need all the curve detail you have in the arches, losoe some edges in there, also you are carrying some of the edges from the door arch too far out, try to terminate them as early as possible (at the closest corner point)

oh and dont get into texturing /baking already, if youre the only artist, create all the models and arhcitecture and environment first, but in a rough stand in version so that your programmers have something to work with. otherwise youll be a bottle neck in your pipeline)

good luck


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