Vampire, Werner Günther (2D)


Title: Vampire
Name: Werner Günther
Country: Germany
Software: Photoshop

Hi everybody! This is my newest stuff, fresh from my wacom! It was made just for fun. It could be a vampire just before his death. Perhaps he has forgotten to use his sunblocker. This piece was made in a few hours with photoshop cs and a wacom tablet. Hope you like it. crits and comments are welcome!


ncie job! i wish i had a wacom :cry:

well, my crits are that the darkness and the lifted wing. The darkness does add a nice contrast to the piece but it makes it seem incomplete… maybe its just me?!?:shrug: anyways… the lifted wing, it could use more rendering. Its hard to tell where the sun is because you have sunrays coming from 2 different directions… you have them coming through his wing, through the holes but the you also have them coming from in front of him. Plus, with more rendering, i think the shadows would give a better overall feeling to the piece and add more active contrast.

Other than those 2 things, i think you did a great job, keep it up!!


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