Vampire Princesses, magdalena babinska (2D)


Title: Vampire Princesses
Name: magdalena babinska
Country: Poland
Software: Photoshop

A portrait of a Vampire Family. A mother and a child. Born from darkness to a real world.

PS3, Photo reference of me and my babygirl used for a pose and baby face.

Here is link for the photo :


Well your link to the ref didn’t work but I think you did good with this piece.

The main crit I can offer is that the woman’s head seems chopped at the top. The hood seems to end about an inch or so above and ahead of her eyebrows but then the slope of the hood as it covers the cranium is to sharp based on the shading. I wish I could see the reference to provide a better crit.

Also some details are missing like the end of the baby and the beginning of the woman. It seems like they are one in the piece, maybe you intended this though.

In general I think you could’ve pushed the woman’s face more but the baby is very well done.

Otherwise the piece is outstanding. Colors textures and the background scheme is nice.
Good luck!


Thank You for comment,
Yes they are suppose too look like one person created from a smoke. ( You know, child created form mother stuff)
Maybe You’re right about some details - but I was afraid, that pushing it further will destroy it. But For my own peace of mind, I’ll work on it in a week or two - sometimes You don’t see the missing piece if You work on it too long. A breath in time is needed.


magdalena very interesting work really nice, love the kid and the way she is holding it,



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