Vampire Concept, Bjorn Daniel Svavarsson (3D)


Title: Vampire Concept
Name: Bjorn Daniel Svavarsson
Country: Iceland
Software: Blender, Photoshop, ZBrush

hey everyone this is a concept piece for a certain type of vampire i made the base mesh in Blender and detailed it in Zbrush and then textured and rendered in Blender and made some final touches in Photoshop. C&C much appreciated


Great model :wink:


Sharp teeth,horrible expression,I really don’t want him to enter my room!


cool show off !!.. keep it up.


Hi, very nice work. I wonder why did you prefer Z-brush instead of Blender’ s sculpting tool for adding details on the model.
I especially like the texture detail on the forehead, is that procedural?
Slight asymmetry of the face is very good, adds to the character.


Nasty beast. The “muddy” eyes are great.


Very nice! Skin looks great…for a vampire that is. :slight_smile:


That’s one scary guy that you got there, nice job, I just wish the composition was a bit more interesting.


Woah Great Model! Congratz! U Rocks!


Very nice work! Btw I love the blender sculpt mode :wink:


thanks a lot everyone :slight_smile:

thanks you
i prefer Z-brush over the Blender sculpt tools because it lets me go into more detail with my limited ram and no the texture on the forehead is not procedural.


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