Vampire, Armin Stocker (2D)


Title: Vampire
Name: Armin Stocker
Country: Austria
Software: Photoshop

hey everyone.

finally i ve finished a new painting.
i worked pretty rough and didn t zoom in much but i kinda like that look. again i used some refs. my girlfriend was kind enough to pose for me (she rocks :wink: )

here are some ~70% close ups

i hope you like it


hey man thats really cool, i can see that on a front cover of a horror comic book!. wouldnt like to walk down a alley on a dark night with him being around , want to see more of your art :slight_smile:


Jawohl! made in Austria!


beautiful contrast between the red/orange and green color.


No stockings anymore?!
You know what I think about this Armin - kickass with the lightsource from beyond :slight_smile:


Wohoo!!! good to see something new from you here… incredible as usual… finally something off-sci-fi :bounce:

I’m sure you like her in that position :slight_smile:


Well, like I already said: wow

I can’t believe this hasn’t received more replies. I’ll add mine, though. What I like the most about this is the spirit you’ve captured with it. The expression on the face and the feel of almost desperate violence. The background is gorgeous as well, detailed and lovely but not overbearing on the rest of the image since you’ve let it drop back with cool, calm colours while there is a flurry of warm and saturated colours in the foreground.

In conclusion: me likey.


I just wanted to echo Linda’s input - I can’t believe this didn’t get more replies…it’s a shame really.

And I noticed you added the iron thingie in the back - looks awesome :slight_smile:


Phil: i really hope that some day there ll be books with my illustrations on the cover ; ) i posted another painting today. hope you like this one too. it s not a very typical amoe painting but it was fun :slight_smile:

daniel: haha… thats what i think everytime i see one of you threads… danke

natascha: nah… sock puppets are evil and scary.
glad you like the iron gate. the path (pen?) tool in PS is pretty usefull for stuff like that and i also found some neat refs with google : )
thats what the gate looks like. : )

georg: you are righ. i ve painted to much sci fi stuff recently. next painting will some horror stuff again
i am not sure which position you mean. she posed for both characters. well… i am flexible hihi

linda: well… i am getting used to it. maybe my next painting will get more attention. thank you

and sorry for my late reply



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