Valve's Source Filmmaker


So Valve just came up with this new film making tool using Source, their real time game engine. Here’s a video telling ya’ll bout it.

Beta just started. Get in here:


I stopped playing a long time ago, but this just looks… awesome. And free, right? There is so much potential here! Valve rocks.


that’s pretty sweet!



i was reading thru their FAQ’s, seems like it’s all just for tf2 atm…i’m hoping they’d make all their games available. for those that have done mods/maps/etc how far can you go with customization? is it just prop models? i’d imagine you’re not able to make your own characters but maybe i’m wrong…anyone? and if anyone on here gets a beta, i’d like to know what you think.


Someone at work just told me about this. Looks very promising! :bounce:


I’m really curious how robust the animation ability is in it. Can you just go and animate anything? Or do base animations like walk cycles need to be made in max or maya?


…picking my jaw off the floor
Not only do they reveal the tech that they have been developing for the past
6 years or so, but they are also giving it away…for free.
Judging by the quality of their notorious tf2 cinematics, i’d say this tool will be a gamechanger.
Can’t wait to see what the community will do with this puppy.

Very interesting times ahead.


You can definitely make your own characters. There’s a whole series of female versions of the team. As I read it, as long as you can get it in the game you can use it in the editor. That would include Valve content, Workshop content and your own local content.


In the video they show a graph editor and a character being animated so I would assume so.


I’d completely forgotten that Bay was working at Valve.


nice! i did a bit more digging, seems like there’s a lot more to it than import/export…i’d love it if they could make HL and L4D assets available for this! so much more awesomeness would be made.


Incredible. Can’t believe it’s free.


Crytek’s Cinema Sandbox has officially run out of time.
They just couldn’t get theirs out as quickly as the Valve guys.

Not to mention Valve’s system already looks polished.


The Valve focus seems to be different than Crytek’s product so I’m curious to see which one turns out to be the most useful for short film production (especially considering the price issue!). I hope the use of game engines for dedicated linear storytelling is a trend that takes off; detailed real-time feedback (especially full wysiwyg) would be very nice!


Don’t forget that UDK can do this as well, and has more advanced features.


Wonder if you can Export the scenes to Maya or max and render them out in Vray?


Probably not, I haven’t worked with the Source engine, but the engines I’ve worked with can only go as far as maybe exporting out geometry, but not animations and not animated scenes.


Funnily enough, Jeff Unay is there too - he was the facial lead on Avatar. They also have Paul Thuriot who’s been a creature TD at ILM, Tippett and other places. Oh, and Michael Abrash, who helped John Carmack with assembly optimizations on Quake’s renderer.

That’s quite a team already and who knows who else they’ve recruited…


Can I make money with this tool? Yes, but not if you’re using Valve’s assets in your movie. The tool is free for non-commercial use. You can use Valve’s game assets (things like characters, props, particles, textures, and sounds) to create movies and images to share with the game community, as long as what you create is free. We’re not giving you a license to commercialize our assets. However, if you do not include any of Valve’s assets in the movies and images that you make, then there are no restrictions on what you do with your content and you can make money with it.

Indicates that you should be able to get in whatever…


So, can anyone tell me please if can you import point cache from an animated character made in Maya or any other app in to source filmmaker?