Valkyrie spirit, Carlos Omar Arellano Sepulveda (2D)


Title: Valkyrie spirit
Name: Carlos Omar Arellano Sepulveda
Country: Mexico
Software: Photoshop

Well I did this image to try some new ways to do color… in this case i used fractals for the overal color/shapes… the idea was keep iteerie and unreal…
I wanted to show how dreams can take form when you’re looking at the nightsky… yet those dreams keep themselves away from touch and so distant like the stars above…


Nice artwork man! waiting to see the next one, keep the hard work! :thumbsup:


hi CarlosArellano
This has pict has alot of imagination! great concept, form and line quality!
beautiful work! I agree w/ Oziel! can’t wait to see more!:eek::thumbsup:


Hi! This interesting! But empty place in the left little lose common composition. :slight_smile:


great Idea n concept … :thumbsup:
cheers …


Beautifully done…
no crits from me:thumbsup:


Cool work!! :thumbsup:

Excelente! La atmósfera es maravillosa. Felicitaciones, y bienvenido!



…I agree… :thumbsup:

-cheerZ- :wavey:


:smiley: Thank you guys for your comments, Im very honored you liked it
Abouthe the empty space in the left, well sure it breaks with common composition but also I wanted the nightsky to be a big part of the scene, I’ve got a nice nightsky view from my house and I liked to think how ancient people saw spirits and drawings up there while most of common people today (specially in cities) only see stars…
People time ago used the sky as their canvas and well… I tried to take the idea from that premise

Again thank you guys, I’ll be submitting more of my artwork soon
:slight_smile: :scream:


i love that whole sketchy outline look…and i hope to see more…and if can…can u tell me how u got that effect:)if not i respect…


Thank you :slight_smile:


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