Valkyrie, Pablo Fernandez (2D)


Title: Valkyrie
Name: Pablo Fernandez
Country: España
Software: Photoshop

One of my last works, based on the norse myths.
A Valkyrie in the Battlefield when everything is over. Recollecting the souls of the fallen warriors to take them to Valhalla and prepare them for the ragnarok.
It was a royal pain to make all those rock textures, i got sick doing them but im really happy with the final result.


very nice! i like the placement of the winged figure and the way it overlaps the column. nice mood too.


very cool, especially the hauberk :thumbsup:


nice concept loved the mood of the image!!


so nice man! I like your subject guy. :smiley:


This is great work. I love the pose and good job on the wings.


Thanks a lot to you all for your comments. Glad you like it. :wink:


outstanding color choice; love it


great rendering !
I love her face.


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