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I am trying to write a program which allows users to create a 3d wireframe. Users will be allowed to model the wireframe by drwaing lines in a 3d space. But my 3d graphics knowledge is very bad.

Can you please suggest me any online documents on this subject which will help me to do this program. Can you also tell me wether there are things I have to do to check the wireframe modelled by user is a valid wireframe.


you’re question does not contain enough information for me to give you an answer. can you write a more complete question?


dear operativem,

Thanks a lot for replying to my question.

The program that I am trying to write will allow users to draw 3d wireframes. What I want to know is that wether there are any specific guidlines or algorithms on developing a program like this.

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In order to draw 3d wireframe the only thing you have to do is to draw only the edges of triangles.
Here you can find how to draw wireframe without the hidden lines:


Take a look at Teddy.


Interesting project. Silo3d software is experimenting a such as tool. You can draw on a mesh wathever wireframe (topology) you want, then it creates a surface from the initial shape with the topology oyu want.



Make sure that your geometry is up to snuff. Brush up on your vector math, and planer geometry.

There are lots of online math tutorials that are mostly geared towards 2D math, but if you understand the principles, then extrapolating into the 3rd dimension shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’re using C++, then you’ll likely be able to find numerous class examples on matrix transforms as many Comp. Sci. assignments students post their assigments online.

Good luck with the project!


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