Valentine's Day Piglet, Igor Kudryavtsev (3D)


Title: Valentine’s Day Piglet
Name: Igor Kudryavtsev
Country: Russia
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

It’s a valentine’s card that I sent to my girlfriend not so long ago :slight_smile: I used IBL with HDR image and FG only for illumination. Daisywheel is a photograph of course…


too cool, really cut , you got a fan ! …me !! :bounce:


Hei…You’re a genius! Fantastic image! Good art!


I am laughing so hard at his pic! I hope there was someone special that benefitted from this exquisite peice of CG art!! It’s wonderful! really wonderful!!


Awesome picture! Really cute piglet…

I have one crit tho… the shadow under the piglet could be more dramatic. That’s the only thing that really jumps at me… otherwise, very cool :slight_smile:

I hope she liked the card!


Man, you’re better than circus. :smiley:

This one should replace the mouse on the front page.


I really like the style of the piglet… nice work indeed!


Beautiful picture!!!
Poetic and funny as well!! :thumbsup:


Haha, a pair of piglet (fairy) wings would have been awesome - Thanks for the laugh. :thumbsup:


Very nice :slight_smile: … You should enter it for EXPOS’E 3

Poeple love this sort of cute and humerous image – and this is well done. We dont get enough of these sorts of images so artists that enter this sort of image have a much better chance of getting printed in EXPOS’E.


Very cool man! :scream: :thumbsup: very cute! from me dude :buttrock:


Beautiful picture!!!
Gr8 work
funny :slight_smile:


Excellent Image - Nothing to crit!


perfect valentine’s day image…very cute…
is that a love-sign in his eye?


Very nice work.
Heh, and his tail is shaped like a heart - nice detail :wink:


love it :applause:

anything with a pig just HAS to be cool :bounce: :smiley:


Nice work. It is really cute!


very cute…

hope she enjoyed :love:


this is absolutely a B.E.A.UTIFULL and F.U.N.NY picture :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :love:


…DEFENETLY a nice job,I love the composition…I like the buch of roses and the depth of field effetc …stunning work…!!!