Vagabond, Sergey Kolesov (2D)


Title: Vagabond
Name: Sergey Kolesov
Country: Russia
Software: Photoshop

Hi, let me introduce to you the creature that I’ve done for Dominance War 4 Contest. Here is a link to my WIP:

The name of this fellow is Vagabond. He is Demon Prince, and he is the master of Dark Power.
Booo! Are you scared? Not yet? All right, then read the following description:

Vagabond Prince of Darkness
People are suffocating and become blind when the villain is dispersing the contents of cans with Vaga Soup. And cyborgs, and mechanisms are breaking down under the influence of the dark forces of eternal companion of the tramp - Dog.

Well. How it is now? :slight_smile:

Ok. Crits and comments are always welcome. Good luck to all!


Privet,Sergey!This is very original artwork!!!Well done!:beer:


This is awesome! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Very imaginative…I really like it!


Handsome :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


That is one fantastic painting! Stunning work!


Thank you! I’m very glad to see that you like it! :slight_smile:


very creative concept
paint is mastery done, mainly the strokes tecnique and the mood
very realistic look!

congrats, Sergey


FireEyes, thank you!


Wow, this is a REALLY cool concept. For some reason though it doesn’t look finished… with a bit more polish this could hit the top row easily!

Also, the axe/thing in his left hand looks out of perspective. It may be the design of the weapon and not the perspective at all, so you may consider a different angle of presentation… if it were more relaxed in his hand it may look a bit more interesting.


o man! That’s insane! Fantastic painterly look, original design and perfect colours. I’m going to analyse this piece and learn as much as possible from it.


OMG, beautiful!!!

I love the style…love it!

Congrats bud :thumbsup:


it’s ingenious! and this is really beautiful work!


Wonderful work, as intriguing as your other pieces. :slight_smile:


Thanks to all! I really appreciate your comments.

Thank you, eldee. Agree! I’ve spent a lot of time on placing the weapon in character’s hand. Looks like I must think of it a bit more.


Excellent style and painting technique! Very creative character design also.


****in’ amazing


this is amazing…beautiful work! i love the little effect of sand pouring out of the hand. great job


Your technique and colors are incredible . Disgusting character and fasinating work :thumbsup: .


I love your rendering style, It looks like rending by 3D programme. :thumbsup:


Very interesting and nice work… Cool