Vadim Portrait, Alvaro Gasco (3D)


Title: Vadim Portrait
Name: Alvaro Gasco
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop, SOFTIMAGE|XSI

hello everyone,

This is the first character of my demoreel, he is a mobster of the russian mafia. I finish the modeling and texturing a couple of months ago, this is a litlle portrait i made today.

Hope you guys like it!



He really looks like he’s from the mafia:) I like it, great modelling and textures, love the expression:thumbsup: Congrats


I like this mafia man:) great job.



This man is scary as a gangster, excellent work man, maybe a little touches of hair here and there specially on the chicks would boost his apeal, but that’s just me :thumbsup:


the face on this is fantastic- great expression and nicely modelled- i like his body too, and his ‘man boobs’! I think the background lets it down a bit- maybe something like a dirty wall would be better? but overall a really great job.


noice friggin work man!

I like the whole feel of this image, very dark and forboding works perfectly! I especially like his man-mories, I cant wait to see your final reel Alvaro.


Looking sweet man!

Definitly Gangster! I especially like the work you did on the textures, the pin strip shirt and material you have on the leather strap are really nice :thumbsup:

Can’t wait till your demo reel is done.


Alvaro-this render is fantastic! talk about capturing a mood…You made vadim even scarier than before.
your demo is looking awesome man.


Freakin beautiful work man! The modelling is superb! Great mood and expression! Nothing to crit- just awesome!


niec one man, well done. :thumbsup:


Thank you all for the support!:scream:



Nice render man, looks like it could be hanging over the mantle in some mobster’s house.


Hehe, really nice character and good subtle details like the nipples. :smiley:


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