VA - 104


The VA 104- The fastest and most comfortable way to travel through the vast and hot deserts of Canpa.

A tribute to Syd Mead.


Well done! Beautiful illustration. The line work curving on the front is nice.


Thanks man! : )


woow!! Beautiful


Stunning! Great design, composition and color, but mostly, what a great interpretation of Mead’s style. I’m sure he’ll like it.
This is one of my two top faves. The other being Dodgeas3d’s Scorpion SM (3/4 rear view).

Good luck, though you don’t need it.


Really nice entry. Great attention to detail :slight_smile:


This is brilliant :slight_smile:


you most certainly nailed the style dude :bounce: … love the scale and color combo … :love:

very best of luck to you! :thumbsup:


one of my favorite, very clean work . good luck


Hey, many thanks to you all for your kind words, especially Quadart. Very appreciated! I’m glad there are some guys who like it. I’m quite interrested in Syd’s opinion bout this.


Wow ,very beautiful ,i like the concept.Sure you are in the fav list.


I like this, I hope you do not mind me saying that if the guy bottom left was looking at the vehicle instead of away, when your eye wonders to the frame edge, compositionally this would return the viewers eye back to what’s important; the vehicle.


sublimachina, thank you! :slight_smile:

AEntwistle: No problem, I appreciate it when people take their time to analyze and criticize my stuff.
And yeah you’re right! Actually that was my intention, but it got lost somehow while rendering. Thanks dude!


There are many incredible entries but this is the one that does it for me. I predict a top 3 for this one. Nice job!


Really nice. Looks like a good story and fine execution.


High class… :slight_smile:


That is so cool!


BaronImpossible- Thank you Simon! I wish you were right, but I rather don’t think of that. And if you’re right I see you there. :wink:

Also many thanks to you guys - JBrant, Miha9, VelocityKendall.


Looks very good, some parts reminds me one of Daniel Simon’s vehicle.


Awesome work, that’s my favorite :smiley:

-echt geile Arbeit-