V-Ray Standalone Command Line problem


Hello, I’m having problems to make a command line that works. All I want is to make my scenes to be rendered one by one just like I have prepared them.
So with a few searches, and I’ve already copied the renderer directory to paths into the ambient variables, and I’m trying with this code:

render -r vray “D:\Trabalhos Pessoais\D.M\Series e Curtas\Curta MBI Investigacoes\2_Producao\3_Animacao
\mbi_projeto\scenes\Projetos_Cenas\cena_16_sobretudo_RL.mb” && render -r vray “D:\Trabalhos Pessoais\D.M\Series e
Curtas\Curta MBI Investigacoes\2_Producao\3_Animacao\mbi_projeto\scenes\Projetos_Cenas\cena_13_Manga.mb” && render
-r vray “D:\Trabalhos Pessoais\D.M\Series e Curtas\Curta MBI Investigacoes\2_Producao\3_Animacao\mbi_projeto

there are 3 scenes at the same project:

  • cena_16_sobretudo_RL.mb
  • cena_13_Manga.mb
  • cena_8_8_RenderFinal2.mb

The paths are correct, but when I play this code, although the cmd is showing me the render was initialized, after I see the last error messages:
*the file name, directory name or volume lable syntax is incorrect
*The system can not find the path specified
*’-r’ is not recognized with either an internal or external command, an operable program or a batch file.

(I tried to translate the messages, because they are shown in portuguese for me)

What could the problem to be?


Try instaed only render putting hole path to it:
“C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2018\bin\Render.exe”