V-Ray-Maya Black render with PhysCam and HDRI


Hey guys, puzzled here since I have no idea what could be the problem. This is a render with no physical camera.

This are my settings in the camera and the vray dome light and the render is just black. Any Ideas?

**edit. I have tried deleting the camera and adding the lens again, also and re installing V-Ray


why is your light color near black.?
try to start with the default settings in the phys camera as a starting point…


Hi oglu,

Thank you for your reply, I tried changing the light color and resetting the phys. cam with no luck.

Now I wonder if uninstalling a previous version of maya and V-Ray has something to do with it


I’d say from looking at both the PhysicalCamera and VrayLightDome settings you are bound to have problems. First of all why is your light color on the dome so dark?? Second why is your ISO on the camera set to 1000? Your F stop is set to 1.4, shutter speed is set to 1/50 sec. I would suggest learning what each one of these settings do. Start with something like f/5.6, Shutter speed at 4 and ISO at 100. Adjust your light to be closer to white.