V-ray GI Renderpass is glowing around corners


Hey there,

I’ve an Issue with my GI Renderpass in V-ray, it creates an weird glowing around the corners.
This happens in Vray GPU & CPU with LC & BF. (without GI its not visible)

I’m using the latest version of Vray & 3ds Max 2022.

In the beautypass its not always visible but when I disable Cast Shadow for a Light this is also visible to the beautypass.
This glowing is also appearing when I switch over to Composite/Backtobeauty in the VFB.

The Material have no reflection.

any advise to workaround with this ?

  1. Lightning
  2. Beauty with cast shadows turned on
  3. GI Pass
  4. Beauty with cast shadows in VFB (compsite/backtobeauty)
  5. Beauty without Cast Shadows.


why use light cache for primary


This happens not only with Lightcache.
It happens in any combination of the Gi engine.

It looks like an inverted AO…