V-Ray Challenge :: Winners announced


Hey there,

The winning entries V-Ray Ten Year Anniversary Challenge have been selected and we have a feature article up to show the Decisive Moment in the V-Ray artist’s mind. A cracker selection. Click the image below to check them out!!


Congratulations to all the winners! Was a lot of fun to participate.


Those are all really nice, guys. Congrats to Darko for a really awesome image. The winnings are serious business!




Congratulations to the winners!
the firth place is by far the best image arround

Im surprice about Sato image (http://challenge.cgsociety.org/vray/entry/sato/final_image/10001062) how can´t he even get mentioned?

just curious…

thanks to all sponsor and cgtalk team for making this challenges



Judges taste has a lot to do with the final entries.
Thats the crazy thing about competitions, sometimes the best image is subjective. All we can do is hope for more competitions to better push ourselves and learn :beer:


congrats all!!


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