V-Ray ADV to RT and back setting reset


Hi. It looks like when I switch back and forth between ADV and RT all of the settings reset completely to defaults. Is there a way to change this? What is the best way to go back and forth betweent he 2. Thanks.


Not generally, but you could save your render settings and switch between them.


Cant you just set Vray RT as the active shade renderer and Vray Adv as the ‘normal’ renderer?
This way you dont have to switch renderer and thus your settings won’t be reset?


Thanks guys. I will look in to both of these as they both look good.

I recall seeing saving settings which i’ve never actually done. I’ll have to look in to doing that.

ACiD80 : that sounds very interesting. I might give that a try and see if it works for me.



This is what i do, can confirm it works great. Make sure you have the viewport you want padlocked though as it will become annoying when you click in another and it will start to render an orthographic!