V Energy Drink - Benchpress, Fuel International (3D)


Title: V Energy Drink - Benchpress
Name: Fuel International
Country: Australia
Software: After Effects, Illustrator, Maya, Photoshop, Shake

‘Bench Press’ is the first of 3 new spots for the popular energy soda V. The campaign follows the adventures of Rocky and Morty, two CG cockroaches performing super-bug feats after consuming the remains of a can of ‘V’.

Plaza Films’s Paul Middleditch, represented in the USA by HSI Productions, is one of Australia’s most successful TVC comedy directors whose work is renowned for its irreverent sense of humour and split-second comic timing. His approach to ‘V’ was to have the actors don fake antennae and perform the script during the recording of the voice tracks. The video of this performance provided the FUEL animation team with a natural and spontaneous reference to animate to.

The agency, Colenso BBDO, voted at Cannes 2004 as one of Australasia’s most creative agencies has established a great history of cheeky commercials for ‘V’ and FUEL is proud to continue that tradition through the adventures of Rocky & Morty.

Link to QT


HAHA! I’ve already seen this ad a couple of times now on telly, very well done. Can’t wait for the next two.


Nice Work! :smiley:


Great work! Did you guys do the other ones too, with the bee flying through the car?


Lmao the expression of the cockroache closest to the image is hillarious…lol…the commerical was funny too…lol…i’d freak out if a cockroache was working out with my leg…good mork man no crits here:thumbsup:


Very nice. We didnt see him consuming the soda though.


No FUEL didn’t do that one. The client loves whacky animation and every campaign has an edgy feel so we lucked out getting the gig to do the new spots for them.


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