V.e.r.t. - Environment 2 - The Wall, Sébastien Le Nevé (3D)


Title: V.e.r.t. - Environment 2 - The Wall
Name: Sébastien Le Nevé
Country: France
Software: Photoshop , Maya , Ae

This is an other environment for my end-school movie
(like “V.E.R.T.-environment1-the bridge” ) . It’s a matte mixing 2D & 3D , based on 1850s photographies.
Since 3 years , I haven’t touched to this short movie . It’s the story of a mercenary payed to destroy a hudge tree that has invaded this dead city . ( escuse my english ,guys , I’m just a poor french boy ;] ) . Thanks for all “critiques” .


I really like this picture! It just looks a bit more ancient than the other one (which is also nice)
Great work!


Very nice texturing :thumbsup: great modelling too, good job


Again i really like this image too but my main crit would be that it needs more contrast.


What elements of the image are comp on after effects?


It’s a mate painting that I have put on CGs . If you prefer , I have made a big texture and used camera mapping to put it on my CG ( quite simple ) , then I finished texturing with the usual way . It’s just a picture but I used it for an animation . It’s a quite old thing for me . Sorry !


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