V.e.r.t. - Environment 1 - The Bridge, Sébastien Le Nevé (3D)


Title: V.e.r.t. - Environment 1 - The Bridge
Name: Sébastien Le Nevé
Country: France
Software: Photoshop , Maya , Ae

this environment has been made for my end-school movie , never ended . I worked with 1850’s pictures
of Paris . I love Peeters & Schuiten 's art ( there
are belgian comic autors )and I tried to create a “steampunk” city with victorian style . I’m not sure the place of this picture is in the 3d section , cause it’s a mix of 2D & 3D . But the goal was to make a 3D short movie , so …


Hey, Peeters & Schuiten are some of the best comic autors. I like them a lot. Your two pictures are really good. They look like a 1850’s picture. :slight_smile:
To make some differented crits and comments you should post the pictures also with the 3d-wires in it. 'Cause it’s hard to see where the reality ends and the fake begins. What is good.


Thats looks really good, it could pass for a photograph. Now WIRES!!


Very nice work man :thumbsup: great texturing and lighting, i agree with dafonz - it could definately pass for a photograph:applause:


Looks really nice. It has some of that lovely steampunk style. :thumbsup:

Maybe its me, but a little bit more contrast in some areas could improve it. That’s my personal taste.

I’m curious at what is 3d and what is 2d.




This looks absolutely fabulous. Just brilliant.


This is a very good image! If i saw an old newspaper with this picture inside, i would thing this is real.


breath taking !! awesome quality congrats pal!! can we see the wireframe …:love: ??


Salut Seb c’est un de tes éleves d’ATI (le meilleur ^^)

J’ai vu cette image il y a très longtemps je ne savais pas qu’elle venait de toi… Elle est très cool avec une bonne ambiance.

C’est marrant on voit des traits rough sur les briques du mur… C’est voulu?


keep up.!good!


i think this post deserves more reviews/replies, such a beautiful image


Looks like a historiacl photo from World War II


I love the idea. The sidewalk on the left with the sudden drop gives me a good feeling. The whole piece reminded me of a picture from the old war of the worlds soundtrack on LP, where the humans have build a city underground.


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