V A H N 's Sketches


I wanted to start a sketchbook a long time ago… well I begin now :slight_smile: :


Cool, Vahn, you’re started a thread. Great images…particulary the second one :slight_smile:


Definitely subscribing. I like the boldness of your style and your use of colour and texture (it was a couple of sketches for the DSG that had drawn my attention already).

It would be nice to see a few brief comments from you along with each image, by the way. :slight_smile:


danielh68: yeah your great collection kinda pushed me over the edge to make one myself :smiley:

eilidh: Ill write some comments in the future …but just for you :slight_smile:


just did this for the birthday of a friend. His nickname is “turtle” :slight_smile:

tired to work cleaner and mostly with the round hard brush:

ps | 2h


the tortoise is so cool !in the hot summer ,coke is the necessary element^v^


hehe thx :smiley:



Really like your 2nd sketch in particular ~ I think you’re definitely improving! The thing I like about your work is the humor ~ glad to see that’s still intact! :slight_smile:




good stuff Vahn i really like your texturing, your style reminds me of Ralph Steadman raw and fun



I’ve always been envious of people who can throw such awesome textures into a sketch, and make something like this really fast. I like the second one the most, good stuff, keep it up.


Love the second sketch and the turtle looks cool too!
You have a very unique style, very good use of your palet…
I’ll be lurking here for more!


Rebecca: thank you :love:

xott: hehe ty :smiley:

: thx … I just cant work slow, what isnt good sometimes :frowning:

MVDB: ahh its you … u got a new nick :slight_smile: thx m8

here a sketch from todays dsg. I like the bg but the characters are bad. They arent painted well and oversharpened :cry:


Vahn, it’s great to see you doing a sketch book! Bout time. I love the turtle for your firend, cracks me up. As far as the treasure hunter goes, I think the sharpness and painting on the characters are fine, just the composition is a little confusing to the eye. Love the background too


that last one’s great.
dunno if it was meant to be funny, cause after looking at it for a second it seems like a sad scene
but it just makes me giggle


Like this last one! The background is great – what I love most is the reflections at the front, so minimally put together, and so effectively.
I wouldn’t have thought the characters were oversharpened had you not mentioned it. Do you actually use the sharpen tool? It almost seems that way. I happen to like the effect, though.


I really, really like that last one! It has a great mood, perfect beach atmosphere. :buttrock:


heheee thx for the feedback guys :smiley: :love:

im wont be posting for a month…mhhm holidays…hooraaay. So as Bob Ross would say:

“Happy Painting!” you guys :slight_smile:


very nice work!



thx gord :slight_smile:

artrage is really cool …i have to buy it when im back from vacation :smiley:
heres a quick doodle i have done with the mouse ( back too the old times ahh… )


im back from my holidays and heres a first sketch :slight_smile:

ps | 1h random doodle