UVW Unwrap - is it possible to...


I’ve modeled a car and put UVW Unwrap modifier on top. I did the texture and all looks great. But now I noticed I missed something on the model. If I just move vertices it is ok, but if I pull out some edges (shift+move) and thus create some new polys, all unwrapping is lost. I can’t even load the UVs.

Is there a way to create new polys and not to lose the UVW unwrap layout?

Thanks in advance.


mmmm , i don’t think so , finish your model then unwrap.


There must be a workaround…


Save first, collapse the stack, add polygons, put another uvw unwrap and continue.

or, if you use edit mesh

add an edit mesh modifier, add polygons, then put another uvw unwrap on top of the stack


I was just about to post that I figured it out… lol

Thanks anyway.


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