uvw unwrap: can not select faces, only whole mesh


I have an Editable Mesh with Unwrap UVW modifier
In the Edit window of the modifier, in Face sub-object mode
it is not possible to select a subset of faces … either all faces or none are selectable

If I create another Editable Mesh (eg. from a simple Plane) then I can select single faces …

As a workaround I broke the Editable Mesh into Elements, then applied the UVW modifier, then applied another Editable Mesh modifier and welded the vertices back together, this worked OK

Any idea why one Editable Mesh would disallow face selection?


Yeah most likely you have “select by element” checked. Its a box icon that seemingly has nothing to do with it’s actual function.

Since they redid the gui in the unwrap window it’s easy to miss things like this. (Why I am still on max 2010/2011)


Good idea, but that isn’t my problem

“Select By Element” and “Select Element” is unchecked in both the flyout and the UVW Editor

This problem happens when I create an Editable Mesh (or Poly) from a Spline …


That’s… not normal.

Just to be clear, you have an edit poly or edit mesh above the editable spline in the stack? Or you just have faces turned on in viewport and renderer?


My stack looks like this on screen:

Unwrap UVW
Edit Poly (or Mesh)

(there is no subobject selection in the poly/mesh)

Face sub-object mode is active on Unwrap UVW

I have been Unwrapping stuff all week, but this problem only occurs with Spline > Editable Poly (or Mesh)

(Planar Angle is unchecked also)


What version of Max?..all bug fixes …sorry PU’s up to date? maybe better to post screens of exactly what your looking at.

For a more logical approach to unwrapping try …


It may override your issue, and it’s much easier to navigate than the default mess in unwrap uvw.


I have tried this with 2011 SP2 and 2013 (PUs won’t install)
On 2 different PCs (one new and one old both with Win7 x64 Pro)
And results are the same

After converting planar spline to Editable Poly it is impossible to select individual faces. You can only select the whole mesh.

It’s as if coplanar faces form a cluster that can’t be broken

I tried adding a UVW Mapping in Face mode, it worked in testing, but not in my scene.

Totally stumped now.


Can you show a couple of screen grabs. It sounds like you’re trying to select individual triangles from a big multi-sided polygon. You can’t do that, you need to break it up into multiple polygons.

As a test you can try selecting all verts on the poly and connect. That will triangulate the poly. Then try the unwrap and see if you can select individual tris.

But I might be misunderstanding the issue. Normally you’d want to map a whole polygon as one anyway. Screens will help.


You are correct

The workaround I found is to use Vertex sub-object mode and then Convert Vertex Selection to Face and then Break

This creates extra vertices

But the shape of the polygon requires breaking apart to make use of texture resolution

I still don’t understand why some planar polygons can be selected face-by-face but not others

Is there no way to simply “unlock” these rigid polygons so I can select face-by-face and then break apart?

I also find it strange there is no way to edit the seams without working at the vertex level


Hmm, that doesn’t sound right one way or another. Again, a pic might help.

You don’t need to break verts to make polys, you just need to create an edge. Select a pair of verts and Connect for example.

You can create seams at the edge level or select a poly and Detach Edge Verts.


i know it sux but


this is the fastest way for me



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