UVW modifier...stuppid question


I have worked with max for several years, but there is one thing I´ve never figured out. Mainly been into modeling, but realized I need to know about uvw´s as well. I know very well how to apply mapping-coordinates, but I just think I´m doing it the hard way, and that I have probably missed some shortcuts(or the whole point…?). Ok…here is an example(Don´t be too hard on me, feel so stupid right now…):

If I create a cylinder and checks the “generate mapping coords.” I will have a cylindrical kind of coordinates applied automatically. Then I bend the cylinder, and the coordinates will follow, ofcourse…
What if I have an already bended cylinder, with no coords. applied? Do I really need to add several cylindrical uvw-modifiers on it, to follow the shape:rolleyes: . I´m sure there is some easier way to do it. Why can´t I make some sort of uvw-modifier object, and then bend it(or do whatever I want to), BEFORE I apply i to my geometry? Does this make sense? I really want someone to tell me I got it all wrong, and just give me that simple answer right in front of me…please…:sad:



If you’re just adding a bend to it, then you can apply the coordinates lower in the stack. As for doing ANYTHING to the mesh and then applying UVW coordinates, that’s a little more tricky.

You’ll need to use the UVW Unwrap mod to do complex mapping. UVW Map is just there for the simple setup stuff. Anything more complex than a simple primitive shape and you’re going to need to use UVW Unwrap.

What version of Max are you using?


for really complex models that you want to unwrap, and have a good layout for, for that mostly planner mapping works great, just id the surface of you model… make several planner projections, and put them all together, or weld them together, works great. but for this is would just put the uv , low in the stack or you can use 2 planners with a bended object, top en lower, en in the edit uvw, just fold it out righ,t so it has the good projection.


erilaz, ibah> thank you very much, I´ll look harder into unwrap, even though I know it pretty much, I still find it very much, imo, harder than it should be…
It´s still a pain in the ass, to map a long bending form. What I had hoped for was something like this:

“oh, you haven´t seen the “uvw-modifier modifier”? Just put a cylindrical uvw on top on your object, apply the “uvw modifier modifier” to it, and you can manipulate it like it was an object. You know, drag some vertices, bend the shape of it…well everything you can do with geometry. Go ahead, have fun…”

Is there really no way of changing the basic shape of a uvw-modifier…? Maybe it isn´t needed(I know I can do it in unwrap, but why can´t I just bend the cylindrical type if needed…?), maybe I just don´t know all the other cool ways of doing mapping coords., but it seems so basic to me(the possibility…). And I have allways thought it was possible somehow, and that I just needed to find some people to tell me how. Feel free to tell me, that I got it all wrong.
Because, if some great maxers tell me, that this option wouldn´t be usefull, I will believe it totally. And I will just practice unwrap, until I get all the little details of it. And I´ll probably end up with thinking about how stupid I was at first.
Right now I just wonder “why not???”

EDIT: Oh btw, Im using V6



sorry to steal the thread!

But i need help on UVW mapping I just dont understand it.

I looked for some tutorials but the unwrap modifier is hard to understand.

All i am trying to do is use a cyclinder with couple of segments and input a texture on it. But it has to look like a wall… but the textures just stretches or spreads all around i need it to look like blocks!

maybe u could sort me out thanx! :slight_smile:


you should better check out on general techniques forum, there they have several links to good tutorials…here you have a good one where explains very well how to use it


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