UV's in Silo Troublesome


I’m trying soo hard to do UV’s for complex meshes in Silo and it always fails me .
I’m selecting the edges where the LSCM should cut, and do recreate with LSCM and is not working, when is working it doesn’t unwrap the mesh completely.
When doing this cuts in Blender or Modo or 3DCoat the unwraping is flawless but here in SIlo it’s troublesome . Maya LT with the new improvements in UV’s it’s a great experience. Please make Silo the ZEN experience in UV’s that is in Modeling .

Anyway if the developers are seeing this thread please do the UV’s in Silo a predictable and great experience. Like in Blender or Modo or 3D Coat . The tool is not fighting us, and we focus on doing the UV’s.


WIthout seeing the model its tough to say whats what. However, I would agree Silo needs improvements in UV mapping as well. Especially since its the only software i use for UV mapping. I like not having to export it elsewhere and learn a whole new program just for one step.


Try Blender, the thing is that I would really want to see the LSCM unwrap do his work, without using live unwrap. So just mark the seams and run LSCM and everything should be unwraped fully.
Right now the behaviour is like this :

  • Mark edges
  • Run LSCM
  • The unwrap is doing half the job because there are faces overlapping etc …
  • Then you start the live LSCM and pin vertices and everything to get the unwrap you want …
    I just want to push one button and unwrap .
    Here’s how 3D Coat’s does it .


And something more complex .