UVs in Silo 2


I started playing with UV’s but I notice it lacks the feature of a good automapping UV tool.
I also notice a 3D UV Mode. I saw a lot of tutorials on youtube, however, I cannot figure for the love of god how to do it manually. I recreate the UV’s using XYZ. Then I go into UV 3D Mode … and how do I unwrap and lay them out as a surface?

I figured it out.
I just select the faces in UV 3D Mode and then recreate by XYZ.
Problem is … how do I flatten them completely?

Oh lol … Alt + Shift + F …

Very good this 3D UV Unwrap but very time consuming to do it by hand. Any alternative?


Yes it’s very time consuming.

One other method is marking edges as UV seams, then using Unwrap UVs with LSCM. This is an automated process but it’s quirky, and fixing the automated UVs is almost like a manual process again. Also, I usually found that I had to recreate UVs one way (say through XYZ), clearing out the existing seams, before marking seams.

If anyone has perfected a method for fixing the LSCM UVs generated in Silo, I’d love to know about it.



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