UV's Again - and other interesting tools


Hi, sorry to bother you again :slight_smile: . I’m finding myself using this :


For Blender more and more, and an ideea struck me .

Let’s ask the Nevercenter guys if they can put all the tools in here in Silo. I think all the users will find them very useful.

What say you guys ? Do you find theese Silo-Worthy ? :slight_smile:


Not sure.

Silo has the following options for UV mapping:

Arrange UVs in bounds.

Scale UVs to Bounds.

Scale UVs Proportionally.

Recreate UVs > Using LSCM Unwrapping.

Between those options, you can quickly unwrap and scale the items very simply with little distortion in the map, depending on how the lines are cut of course. The fourth option I listed is something I use when the piece has issues unwrapping correctly and part is scaled wrong. But between these options, I find UV mapping rather quick.

I am not certain if Silo can straighten lines easily when UV mapping like the other page shows. Never tried to be honest.


Hi, yes I’m aware what silo has, but from time to time the algorithm has issues :slight_smile: . Anyway it is a nice addon with great tool and I though I’ll share here maybe the devs will get some inspiration from it :slight_smile: .