"UVAutoRatio 2.0 Pro" UV-mapping Maya Plugin Released


Hey, we’ve just released the latest versions of our UV-mapping plugin for Autodesk Maya: UVAutoRatio 2.0 Pro. Basically we made it to save people pain and time :slight_smile: There are two versions available from our website. The old version is free, and then there is this brand spanking new version which isn’t (though you can trial it). Below is the blurb about it, enjoy:

Artists in the film and games industry spend hours manually scaling the texture coordinates of models to get them in the right proportion. This is not a particularly fun job. Wouldn’t it be great if this tiresome task was automated?

Enter UVAutoRatio Pro: the tool that automates all texture ratio tasks while still keeping the artist fully in control.

UVAutoRatio 2.0 Pro has been designed by artists, for artists. This new version is a huge improvement over the first release and it’s thanks to the support and ideas of all the users. The most requested feature: support for UV shells is now supported, allowing the tool to operate across multiple objects and multiple UV shells. The new faster algorithm means even extremely high polygon scenes can be processed within seconds. The compact user interface keeps the artist in control, while providing a smooth and intuitive workflow.

Features Include:
* Automatically scale UVs based on surface area
* Fast and accurate processing algorithm
* Supports Maya 6.0 to Maya 2008 Extension 2
* Specify UV set to work on
* Much faster for high polygon scenes
* Operates on UV shells
* Enhanced user interface
* Automatically fixes overlapping UV shells
* Limit the scaling to horizontal/vertical axis
* UV shell finder tool
* Ratio inspector tool
* Maintains settings between sessions
* Automatic installation
* Comprehensive documentation

Paul Lohman an artist at Phantom EFX said:

UVAutoRatio makes UV mapping almost completely automated for diffuse and normal map UV layouts, even more so for light map layouts! The time it saves is unparalleled in third party UV tools.

Visit UVAutoRatio.com for downloads and more


The plugin supports the Microsoft Windows versions of Autodesk Maya versions 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 8.0, 8.5, 2008 (including Extension 1.0 & 2.0) for 32-bit machines, and 8.5 and 2008 for 64-bit machines. Linux and Mac platforms are not supported yet; however there are plans to support them if there is enough demand.


Maya Extension 2 has the prescale feature in the UV Layout. Am I missing something by just using the built-in feature compared to trying UVAutoRatio?


Hey Ragnar,

Yeah, Autodesk finally noticed this massive gap in their UV tools, so they’ve created the Prescale tool which works pretty well I must say, but I still believe our tool has much more to offer. We worked closely with other artists to find out exactly what they needed for their common day to day work so we could make our tool really useful. Here are some differences:

  1. Firstly Prescale doesn’t have any option to select which UV set you want to work with. This is very handy especially if you’re dealing with lightmaps, detailmaps or other secondary maps. Our plugin has really great UV set options.

  2. Prescale doesn’t give you any control over the 3D-to-2D ratio. It will always scale all the objects / shells to either a ratio of 1.0 (scale mode: none), or it will fit it to them into a unit texture box (scale mode:uniform). UVAutoRatio lets you pick a ratio from an object and apply that ratio to any other objects. This is much more intuitive and powerful approach.

  3. We support for Maya versions from 6.0 to 2008, prescale is only available in the latest 2008 extension.

  4. The UI has been custom made to provide a very smooth workflow. Simple UI, enlarged buttons, quick access to related UV tools. We also include some little helper tools for automatic shell selection and a ratio inspector.

  5. UVAutoRatio has an option to fix overlapping UVs in a non-destructive manner. UV Layout in Maya can only rearrange shells horizontally or packed into a box which completely rearrange the UV’s you’re working on. We have a little spring simulation that runs on shells and moves them apart trying to keep the original layout as much as possible

  6. I know of several people who just aren’t a fan of UV Layout. I don’t know why but they’ve told me this.

We have some great plans for the future of this tool too, so keep an eye out :slight_smile:


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