UV Unwrapping for games



Noob question.

I have a model, a pole with repeated geometry structure.

What is better, unwrap the full pole with unique texture space for each triangle.

Or use the same texture space for these repeated patterns so more detail can be added to the texture?



if your whole pool uses same base texture,it is better to create one mesh with a full space UV (0 - 1) and create a high res texture for it with full details.
and for variation (evading repetitive textures) , you can make small alpha masks for each mesh and blend it with base texure to add dirt or etc … or you can use Vertex Color painting in game engine.


Thank you, somehow I didn’t get a reply notification until today, and instead of one there were about 30 emails!?

A detail texture could indeed be used. The pole is high 15m, so I thought perhaps it is better to repeat the sections, also for more detailed normalmap but I am probably making things more complicated then necessary… :slight_smile: