UV trouble


I’ve been having the problem attached quite recently as of late.There are no inverted faces or overlapping UV’s.there is plenty of UV guttering/padding but i still seem to get this issue in Mud.As can be seen the UV’s are pretty decent in Max.I’d really like to understand why this happens in Mud.I’ve been reading about some issues on Neil’s(soulburn) site regarding UV smoothing between Max/mud but this shouldn’t matter if the UV’s are giving trouble on level zero straight from import.(i set pre-procession to 0 as Oglu mentioned elsewhere but no joy)



are the uvs weldet together…? looks like all your uvs are seperated…


Yes,all verts are welded in Max.I have a feeling it’s related to Mud’s import UV’s function as i only seem to get this trouble upon importing UV’s onto an existing mesh.

Yes…just tested importing the same UV’d basemesh and have no issues.everything works as expected.The problem has to be with the import UV’s function.

Another update.Importing with position checked instead of Vertex ID seems to have solved it…


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