UV Spline Mapping in C4D ?


hi there
does anyone know a solution or plugin that can spline map an object?

Here is a feature video of what i mean:

kind regards


I don’t know of any plugin, but you can approximate this is Cinema using Vamp. Basically you would create the spline and then make a sweep nurbs or loft that fits around your object and then convert that to geometry. That object will have the UVs flowing along the spline or loft direction. Then you would use Vamp to transfer those UVs to your target object.


great tool,maybe we should get that to c4d as plugin, if enough are interested :wink:



You can use this tool:

The feature is called Peel uvw. The feature list claims the prog imports c4d files. But I never tried.

And yes, we need that algorithm in BP.



i tried this, works only good if the object has a similar topology and is not too complicated in his structure. didnt work for me.

i dunno if other people had ever encoutered this problem , but in my last 4 years i would have needed this like 10 times at least. the workaround was everytime very time consuming.
so i would be very happy about more people showing interest fro this function

but if it would succeed, this tool should have definetaley “also” a manual mode where u can set your spline paths for the UV manually…

looks like the peel function is only working with proper topology.
i would prefer a manual tool where i can set my spline rails manually.
but still not bad.


Yes such a feature would be much welcomed. Could also work as a “make edge selection straight in UVWs” feature without a spline but working from an edge of the model. Great for mapping curvy mountain roads.


Projecting UVs from any proxy geometry would be great indeed. Too bad VAMP is Studio only. Maybe some plugins out there do this stuff already? Remotion? Pauls Texture.Remapping?


ok i think we can initiate/start such a project to make that feature, i already had talks with some dev. friends who can make it, guess can start soon.:slight_smile:



could use this maybe
its not sline but also useful



Although my french is really bad, I think this is exactly what I had in mind. Nice find, will test it as soon as possible.


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