UV sizes (projection?)


Hey guys, trying to wrap my head around this but can’t really figure out where in the process I’m doing something wrong. First off, this is one of my first attempt at UV mapping so… hence me suspecting I might be doing something wrong in the process.

I’m trying to set up a UVW map for texturing in Photoshop later. Up until now I’ve discovered that more or less all of my sides becomes low res like, and I think I’ve discovered why. Some faces are huge. Or small in the UVW map because I resized them. I guess that’s why atleast.
Here’s a screenshot:

That’s the backside of the bookshelf that I’ve enlargened so the texture looks ok, but the problem is that the faces becomes huge and can’t fit inside the map.
Any solutions to this? I can always make the projection huge but that way I can’t fit it inside the UVW map.

Here’s a zip file of the 3ds max save files and the number texture:

Thanks alot


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