Uv ripped edges


Hey guys do any of you rememeber how to avoid getting those ripped edges from uvs on subpatch models taht apear during renders? I just cant figure it out :frowning: grrrrr


you have to
-cut away the polys with the UV map,
-select the points of the surrounding polygons still having a UV value,
-set their value to U=0 V=0, paste back the part with the UV map,
-merge points, and then use an alpha map for the UV parts (optional).


In my experience, that doesn’t work… This is what I have to do:

  1. Bring all polygons that share a point with the polys in the UV map into the UV map. (via texture guide or whatever you like)

  2. Unweld

  3. Select all of these new polygons and set the UVs to 0, 0

  4. Then make the alpha channel as Pixel Ranger said. Assuming the alpha is black in the lower left corner where 0,0 is, nothing will be applied to those polys. You could also do this via a weight map used as a transparency gradient.

  5. Merge your points

As an aside note, I’ve found that if perchance a polygon a) has 4 sides and b) is touching any of the polys in step 1 on 3 sides, then all of this poly’s points is in the UV map (upon welding)… Which means this poly WILL be in the UV map. So might as well push it in the corner with the rest when you notice it keeps showing up in your UV map.


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