UV Passes and texturing


Was hoping someone can help me out with UV passes and adding textures to a comp.

      I have a layered exr (from vray) and am wanting to just replace the floor .First is this even possible with the provided multi matte elements?  amusing vray has antialiased it.
     Any help greatly appreciated

[font=Arial]wasnt using Raw Gi and Lighting passes



Ok before I wasn’t taking advantage of the Raw Gi / Lighting pass to multiply into my new diffuse filter. I now ran straight into what I think is my antialiased multi matte element :confused:

Is this my multimatte or me missing some steps in the comp?

 Any help Very appreciated :)


Scene File


Yep I sure screwed that comp up…
Accidently had the new texture being MULTIPLIED instead of over in the merge node, same with my lighting pass :banghead:


Ok still not therre yet as when swiching the merge node to over gives me weird gamma changes. What would be the proper way to add this new information to the diffuse pass> I must be missing something here :shrug:


treat it as a color pass, which is multiplied with the diffuse, and lights are added.


Could you elaborate a bit more please…
My second post was showing what happens when I do multiply the new texture with the diffuse pass. I was getting bad fringing, when I put the merge to over I am getting gamma shifts but no fringing. I’m also using a Raw lighting pass because I’m changing the diffuse filter, so I don’t understand when you say lights are added



Ah ok… I was taking out all my alphas from the start.
I copyed the MME to the new UV texture’s alpha, then when I put it in the merge node the aditional color problem went away. Nore sure why I need an alpha when I’m disabling it in the suffle and merge nodes…:shrug:


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