UV Packer IPackThat


Hello Folks,

the last weeks i have been working on a uv packer. I could not find a good packer that can handle very complex shapes or holes.
The packer from Headus UV Layout is very close to it, but they are cases when it can’t find a good solution.

Check Polycount Forum Thread for more informations.

Here are some example Results. Click for large size.
A Demo can be found inside the Polycount Thread.


hey :stuck_out_tongue: , so glad to see you posting here this amazing tool !

Keep working, and get my money !
too early for that maybe.

don’t worry users will make the advertising promotion for you :wink:

here is a little test:

PS: what’s your Twitter account ?


greetings :slight_smile:

dont got a twitter account. didnt want to started yet with such an addiction g
i damn sure when i start with it i cant stop hrhrhrhr

new updates on polycount. Beta 4
progressbar and other stuff added and fixed ^^