UV Mapping Tutorial links for everyone...


Hey there, I’m scouring the web for links for UV techniques, as loads of people have been asking for them. Unfortunately, most of these are for Lightwave, but I’m sure you can all learn something from reading them…

Menithings: The Freak - A really interesting methos for creating custom UV maps

UV Texturing In Lightwave Demonstrates the creation of a UV Texture map for a character model for the Serious Sam engine

A Better UV A pretty basic tutorial, good for beginners

UV Textures - Some Basics Another tut demonstrating the basics

UVmap Layering Without Grief How to avoid those annoying ripped edges that happen when layering UVs

UV Mapping for Games Step by step thru the UV mapping of one of the world objects used in the Carnivores: Cityscape game

Advanced Guide To UV Mapping A great explanation of UV mapping and the tools you use work with in Lightwave

A 12-Step Program For Dealing With Discontinuous Textures How to work with discontinous textures

These ones aren’t for UV mapping, but they are interesting too…

Texturing 101: Building Textures

Texturing 102: Gradients & External Parameters A very useful explanation of gradients


Great Links Leigh…

Although Im pretty sorted for UVW mapping there are some really good tips in here. Also this is really valuable due to the fact that we just brought a seat of LWave here and its good to have a collection of tuts to help get me started.!


Hey chico I can’t remember what app are you using yourself. For dsome reason I thought it was LW. Just curious if your have considered making a turoial on UV mapping. I have learned quite a biut from this months challeng but your stuff is amazing, Leigh may be the texture goddess but You could possibly be the UV god.


Leigh baby,

     This is the best UVmap tutorial I ever seen :) help me out and it is also very basic.. this is what u have to do..(bigginners)  cutt and paste this link http://jozef.3dpixel.org/ and the click on the logo..wait for the flash intro to finish..then go to the tutorial section then go to the basic box modeling then after that click on that texturing the jet plane.. this part is a flash tutorial and it goes step by step.. well I thought Id help in someway :) hehe good luck!

PS: heres the link again!


Kaiskai, Thanks for those kind words…shall I put it up there above my avatar too…??:bounce:

UV stuff is really painful…but if you persever you can get there…Alot of what I now I owe to some tips from Mark Snoswel (Absolute Charater Tools)(And CGChannel Senior Editor) He gave me a couple of good tips and the rest just came naturally.

I posted this following post on the Discreet Support Forum last week for someone who was loosing faith in max’s texturing capabilities.

I do intend on writing a tutorial as there are no really advanced ones out there for Max (Charaters etc) AFAIK. I have a way of doing seam blending with vertex colours that I want to refine first. tHen I will put something together I think.

The way I do this is really dependant on max’s Modifier stack…Now I cant remeber how lightwaves history dependace/independace works…but im sure its all kinda relevant.? Feel free to let me know anyway.

MBD101…WOW…youve put alot of work into that tut…Its good too see you doing that.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Only one small suggestion…Is that the last step, you should be able to collapse the mesh (Loose the meshsmooth first) which should bake in the UVWs. It just cleans up the history and makes it a little more stable. BUt great work…Im sure alot of ppl will find this useful.!:bounce:



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From: Campbell McGrouther campbell@oneglasseye.co.nz
Date: Tuesday, May 07, 2002 07:27 PM

Hey there Jamie,

Chilliskinner is really any use for something as high res as a head. Its designed more for games and low poly. ANd yes texporter is only for rendering out your ALREADY edited UVWs so that you can have a guide in PShop.

Okay heres a tip that Mark Snoswell taught me (the man is a genius…!). INstead of a taking an object and thinking “how can I get the UVW maps to fit this…?” think this “How can I get this to fit in the UVW maps…?” huh…?

Okay when I figured It out what he meant I had no problem UVWing from then on. Ill explain…

If you have a model of a leg or something and its crooked, you could straighten the leg with a FFD box and get it looking nice and cyclidrical (without changing it too much) and then send a Cyclinder map down the length of the leg. OKay now you have an easy mapp and the leg is screwed right.? No.

Next on the stack you should apply an Unwrap UVW. this captures all the vertex data is its current state. Now if you turn off the UVW Map (UVWmap not Unwrap UVW) and the FFD mod, you get you leg back in its original shape and all the mapping is preserved in the unwrapUVW mod. You can now delete those other mods. Next you do any nessary tweaking in the UVW ed and the fire up textporter and render out a wireframe at the resolution you require and jump into photoshop. Oh and the neat thing is textporter also provides you with an alpha so you can easily grab the wireframe.

“Thanks Cam, But I specificly asked for a Head not a leg.!”

OKay okay, well (I really need to cut down on my caffine intake) take this and apply it to the head. Its already cylidrical so thats cool, but you have a few bits and pieces sticking out … So one way of fixing this is to instead of appling a FFD Box apply a Relax. Just a little but what it will do is give you a little more mapping area in those areass that jut out like the nose. Do a few more tweaks and then slap on the unwrap.

“what about the ears…?” I was really hoping that wouldnt be asked. Ive never had to do ears before. I would probably tackle them the same way though.select all the faces on the ears, do a relax,apply a planar UVW, Unwrap, now textport it, now in PSHop as you may had to apply some serious relax to it you may be getting a little confused with the wireframe. Hell I get confused with almost all my wireframes. The first thing I always do when I get my images in to PShop is paint on names and things where I think the belong. Then import it back into max and see where the lables fall. Then back to PShop and adjust, then back to max. And so on till I effectively have built a map of my character.

Like so. This way I can accuratly place anything I want where ever I want. In theory.

Other points Id like to make…
When you ar happy with your unwrap UVWs you can collapse to an Epoly (or whatever, thats just what I use) and you have nothing left in you Mod stack. If you need to make any changes then all you need to do is reapply the Unwrap UVW and edit away. Piece of cake =P

Also when trying to sort out how you want your UVW mapping to look, apply a checker map. This is really fast in the viewport and you can tweak your FFD box, Relax or whatever and if you have “so end result” on you can dynamicly see the updated mapping. You can also use this to tweak the final position of the the UVW Map Cylinder (or whatever) and see imediatly if there is any poling. If so you can easily remove it of put it somewhere secret.

Okay thats enough for today. Hope this makes some sorta sense…I have no idea what I just rambled off, its just the way I work and it works soo well for me.

Campbell McGrouther

One Glass Eye Ltd


Like I said, I will write a proper tut in the near future…Just keep naging me …please

This was sorta written on the runn…so if anything doesnt make any sence just email me…Ill try and clarify.


Originally posted by Chico
[B]Like I said, I will write a proper tut in the near future…Just keep naging me …please

This was sorta written on the runn…so if anything doesnt make any sence just email me…Ill try and clarify.
Cam [/B]

The only thing that doesn’t make sense is your spelling of sense. :thumbsup:

Great stuff, I think from now on I will use a smple Chacker map when editing uvs like you do, it really helps in preventing dome of the ditortion.

As for your uyse of the modifier stack to change the model to fit the uv and then go back to normal, I can’t do that in XL but XL/bodypaint does have decent workarounds. Just found a new tol in BP I never knew about. Made editing the heads UV so much easier I got it totally finished and just right.


LOL…Im really sorry about that…The worst thing is I know how to spell sense, but for no good reason I always spell it sence…???

PLease excuse my spelling…


ahhh just giving you a hard time. All in good fun hope to see an update from you of a finished pose with some lighting soon. It looks so good right now.



Hes not going to be as finished as Id like by tomorrow…Im workning on him now…It will be a shot from the belly upwards…Little or no background.

Ill make it though:thumbsup:


Chico and Leigh,



OH yeah,
I think this thread should be a sticky, permanently. And Updated with new tutorials.

What do you think Leigh?


I’ll make it sticky for a while, and see how well it goes. It’s only really viable if more people contribute links, so here goes…


here is a nice Mirai tut.


What an awesome thread. It has been really helpful.

Chico: I cant wait for the tutorial and I really would like to know your trick with vertex colors.

Anyways keep them coming!!!:airguitar :bounce: :airguitar :bounce:


Just found this thread. Excellent I’m in bad need of some UV tutorials, especialy with the forest chalange in hand.


There are some great links there, and Leighs tutorial was awesome, thanks leigh.

I have a link here that I hope will help a few people, and there are a lot of other great tuts here for lots of different 3d apps.

This tut will help those of you that have just got into 3d and have modelled something and now have no idea where to go to from here, or for those that want to know more.


I hope this helps somebody out there.


Thanks for the links… :bounce: :bounce:



bobotheseal: http://dynamic.gamespy.com/~polycount/ubb/Forum8/HTML/000397.html?00016

paul jaquays started this nice lil thread: http://www.quake3world.com/ubb/Forum11/HTML/001100.html

i have more if needed, but that thread started by paul has most of the ones i know…:slight_smile: