UV Mapping software?


Hey Guys

I can’t seem to figure out how to constrain a search to just this forum in this new configuration, so apologies for asking for something I know has been discussed before.

Right - so essentially I have a Corvette model that I was provided, and I need to do a proper UV unwrap of the car body, so that faked ‘reflection’ maps used in a real-time software will interact correctly with the model.

I feel this is a daunting prospect with the UV tools in Cinema. I have a couple of tutorials queued up that may help, but I feel like I have heard of some 3rd party UV manipulation softwares that are an order of magnitude easier to use when trying to sort out these tasks, so I thought I would plant the seed In the even the tutorials leave me high and dry (as it were).

I am happy to entertain any and all solutions.


  • Willie


Ok, extra degree of difficulty here… The body panels are individually modeled and then just merged into a single object without actually connecting the mesh , which means that a relaxed UV for the body results in separate islands, which is fine for certain uses, but I need a unified, ‘seamless’ UV so that projected reflection maps in the realtime software to which this is going look correct.

I don’t have time to try and connect all of these mesh pieces in the time allotted, so… I think I may just be hosed.


Hi Willie.

To be upfront, Cinema4D tools is lacking in the UV department.
It’s just not up to a production environment. Even if it get things done, the process is inefficient.

These days I either use
(1) Unfold 3D (comparable to Maya and 3ds Max toolset)
(2) Blender (highly intuitive once you get past on how it works which is weird coming from C4D).

Good luck!


Totally, I know Cinema’s UV tools are ancient. I’ll look into Unfold 3D (I loathe blender, lol)



Well, that’s a no-go. Their demo which is supposed to work on MocOS Sierra or better does not in fact work on MacOS Mojave…

So, still looking for software suggestions.

Thanks all the same


You could have a look at Allegorithmic Substance Painter. It’s a 3D paint app, but has also good uv mapping tools.

3D Coat could be another good option. This one is a sculpting and 3D painting app, but has also good UV mapping tools.

Both support PBR workflow.


I have just finalized converting my Seamilar plugin to R20. Will be available to public any day now. It doesn’t yet provide all the fancy tools you find in other applications, but it allows for an easier unwrapping and UV editing inside Cinema 4D. Also comes with different display modes (shaded, stretch. checker, texture), and has a multi object mode to visualize and pack different objects onto a single UV Canvas. There’s a dedicated thread over at the C4DCafe forum.

A smaller and cheaper version of this plugin will soon be released as EasyUV, focusing on the unwrapping of UVs, missing the editing tools available from its bigger sibling.


here’s a thread form a few months back that talked about UV options


Tiles: When did they add UV mapping tools??? I’ve been using Substance’s toolset for a little over a year, and wasn’t aware! Cool, if that is true.

Willie: I agree with Tiles that you should have a look at 3D Coat. It is my favorite UV remapping and unwrapping tool. It also does great retopo!


Tiles - I just did a deep dive through the menus and windows in Substance Painter. I don’t see any UV tools. The closest things are:

UV reprojection which is really only useful for having previous paint strokes reprojected onto a new mesh (which has already been unwrapped in other software)

And also the support for tiled UDIMs which is still at a pretty basic stage for now.

Thought I’d look in the manual to see if it was hidden somewhere, but I see nothing about UV mapping and UV unwrapping tools.

Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Sorry for the hijack Willie! If they are there, this is useful info for you…but I’m not sure they are, and even if they are they are most likely very limited compared to other tools.

I still encourage you to check out 3D Coat.


Thanks guys

I’ll look into 3D coat for sure. That was one I couldn’t remember the name of that I knew I had heard of before. That Seamilar plugin sounds interesting too, I’d love to have an option that doesn’t require round-tripping.



Oh - and I had a go with the Allegorithmic a couple of years ago when they gave some license to my employer at the time. I mostly focused on Substance Designer, but I wasn’t a fan of the workflow then, and Painter was too much like Photoshop which is a software I absolutely hate (I do all my PS tasks in AE, lol)

Thanks again for the suggestions everyone

Mike - I’ll have a look at that thread you linked me to as well.


Maybe a silly question, but did you try Unfold3D or RizomUV? While originally developed by the same person, they are 2 seperate products. RizomUV is what I use and as far as I know, Remi stated there should be no issues with RizomUV on Mohave. I can say for certain RizomUV does infact run on High Sierra, I haven’t updated to Mohave yet.


I tried only Unfold 3d, I didn’t know until a couple of hours ago that it had been acquired and renamed


To my shame i must admit that i have never worked with Substance Painter. But saw this video here. Which showed quite a few UV mapping tools. And so i was under the impression that the uv mapping in Substance Painter is good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwusznnkRxo

Seems that i stand corrected.

I have worked with 3D Coat in the past though, and these tools are really good.


Well Rizom seems to think my Host ID is already in use… being that I am on a new computer and had never been to their website prior to 15 minutes ago that would seem impossible.

It would seem they need to fix their system, this doesn’t exactly make me excited about their product.


Tiles: No worries. I should mention though that in that video link, the artist is using Maya for all that UV manipulation, not Substance Painter. Substance painter, in its current state, expects clean, unwrapped UVs. That may or may not change in a future version though.


I downloaded 3d coat demo last night, and though I didn’t have time to dig into the unwrapping tools, the Auto UV function did what cinema could do, make me uv maps with no overlapping uv polys so I could get artifact free AO bakes. Great first impression, and I’ll likely buy it.

Thanks again everyone!