UV Mapping questions (help)


I’ve been following Ant Wards chapter on UV Mapping in Silo. I’m getting stuck on how to smooth the Uvs to relax them, as he mentions in his text. For some reason the Paint displacement Smooth tool doesn’t work on the UVs. I can’t seem to find another way of straightening out lines (I’ve pinned the vertices on the bounds and done Unvwrap UVs Using LSCM). I’ve got a UV checker map on my model and parts of it are showing the checks smaller than other parts, so I need to even them out.

Can anyone give any advice please? Thanks!:slight_smile:


I think you can use the regular smooth tool from the modify menu. It doesn’t smooth the mesh when selecting in the UV views.

It’s also in the right click context menu when selecting components in the UV view


Thank you very much!!