UV mapping complex forms like airplane noses


Hi, I’m new to CG Society and I have about 1 year of 3ds Max experience. I’m modeling a jet for Flight Simulator X and I’ve gotten to the point where it requires textures, and to make them look realistic, I need to map parts like the fuselage VERY well, so there isn’t any distortion or blurring present on the texture. I saw this video once where a 3D artist named Javier Rollon was mapping his airplane (The video goes really fast though) and it looked like he used some kind of Shrink Wrap mapping, but I’m not sure. Here’s the link:


And here’s a picture of the real plane, so you can see the real shape of the nose:


I tried Shrink Wrapping mine, and it almost looked like the one in the video, but still I was unhappy with the results. Is there some kind of secret technique that I haven’t discovered yet to UVW map objects like this? I’m REALLY picky about how my textures look. (By the way, please don’t suggest planar mapping the whole fuselage.) :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance to whoever can guide me to do this the right way! :slight_smile:


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