UV Mapping and MeshSmooth Modifier


Hi Folks;

I Have been working on texturing and Uv unwraping since I started my new personal project. But I ran into a trouble with UV maping. Here is my problem;

I modelled a commode and I unwrapped it properlly. Then , I applied a smooth modifier and saw that the UVs had been corrupted. Before I began to Unwrapping the model, I had already watched a little tutorial that applies smooth modifier and does it succesfully. But my commode does not behave like that.

Is that wrong?

What should I be aware of about this process?

Please don’t suggest me to aplly unwrap modifier after apllying meshsmooth … I tried it and It became totally a nightmare to unwrap…

Write something even though you think that it is not helpfull.

Buy the way I’ll be working on unwrapping this object’s UVs until I accomplish


Do you have any modifiers below the UV Stack? Like editable poly, ro symmetry modifier? The only reason I can think of that would corrupte the uv is going back and fore the stack with modifier that changes the poly layout. If that is not the case, you might want to show us a screen shot of your stack and model. The meshsmooth modifier shouldn’t have anything to do with it.


I have this problem sometimes too, no idea what these distorsions depend on.
Smoothing usually messes up the seams of the unwrap.


Yes you are right maybe I should send some images that explain What I mean more clearly.

There is no modifire in the stack. But beforehand, I used a symetry modifier and callopsed it. So It was just a polygon object when I applied the Unwrap modifier.

I relized that It sometimes happens. It is not a comman situation I think. I must be doing something wron but I cannot figure it out yet.

I will try sending an image … Please write something even if you cannot see the scene.
( You know something about UV maping , don’t you? )

Any suggestions, any tips or experiences??

See you soon.

Best Regards;



adding AttechmentsOK guys…

I cannot send a screenshot due to having some problems with PS… I does not work and always shuts down.
But fortunately; Strimski has sent an image that domentsrates what I have. My problem is exactly the same problem with Strimski’s problem. The only differance is that My object is more simple than Strimski’s object.

1- I have created a box.

2- I added some edges in order to have a good smoothing result.

3- I unwrapped the box and adjusted my UV spacing.

4- Then I applied a meshsmooth .I used both msehsmoot modifier and the smoothing that can be achived in polygon edit menu. ( right hand side of the screen, you now what I mean )

5- Result was too bad and I do not know what I should do.

I’ll send an image as soon as PS allows me to do…

BTW, there is no modifire except for Unwrap modifire. My stack is very simple for this special case…

NOTE: I have sent the images. Have a look at them. The second image was rendered after applying the meshsmooth.


Sorry to go off topic nut you guys seem to know what you are talking about.

Could someone please point me in the direction of a book or some good tutorials that explain UVW mapping as i canrt seem to figure it out.



I doubt there is any special book about unwrapping.



There is also a good article called Texturing for dummies at:


it has a chapter about UVs, it sould get you started.



Also don’t use Meshsmooth, use TurboSmooth as it is much faster.


those are spot on guys thatnks


If you still did not look, I recommend CG-Academy’s Advanced Texturing tutorial DVD’s. Especially if you want to unwrap organic models Creature UV Unwrapping DVD will me most helpfull.


Me and a few friends are thinking seriously about investing in some good training DVD’s. Do you think they are worth it?


I am not totally sure but adding a meshsmooth or turbosmooth modifier may result bad topology in this case. Try adding some polygons manually before adding the meshsmooth or turbosmooth modifier.


I had this problem 1,5 years ago too. And I opened a topic too. But no real solution came from the answers. So I made some tests and i found that; put more edges these problem areas. I think, Max needs some reference edges to keep meshflow and uv structure unchanged. Otherwise these strange deformations happen.

So, add more edges those problem areas. For example, for box, select four long edges and connect them. The more edges you add, better uv’s you have.

I hope it’ll help, good luck.


Keep in mind that the same goes for the camera map modifier. If you use a relatively low poly mesh for the camera mapped object, you may get cranky results.


I am gonno give it a try. Yes, As you said; adding more edges can be a good solution and I have never tried that way. The thing which made my mind confused was that I saw a tutorial using this modelling technique in order to achieve a couple of rocks … ( those rocks were getting used for the boundaries of a road… (know what I mean??) The artist did not use any additional edges. Maybe I am wrong. It is possible.

Your answers also tell me that this little bug is a general situation. It is a Max mistake.

Thank you so much again.

If you know something more helpfull than the others, I’ll be here…

Best Regards;


EDIT: I am sorry guys But unfortunately It did not work. I am talking about adding new edges onto problematic areas. The new image that I send you was rendered with 9 new edges… There must be a solution or I am sitll doing something wrong.

Should I unwrap the UVs after adding new edges or before?? I did it after adding the edges.

Does using Turbosmooth make any differances? For this image; I used Meshsmoothing without adding any modifire such as meshsmooth , turbosmooth…

That is all I can say.

Here is the image:


Show us your unwrap template.


OK… Due to having a small space I can only send you a detail from the template.

Unfold mapping. with Additional edges ( nine edges )

Hope it is helpfull and more clear to understand what my problem is with Uv mapping and smoothing.


Hey!! Are you there ? I sent you the images… Please do not tell me that there is no solution.

It would be realy a nightmare If I had to adjust my UV template manually after smoothing the mesh.

Come on Guys; give me something… I cannot work on my little personal project


Why would you want to smooth a cube? There is a primite called chamfered cube which does the job much better with a lot less polys.