UV mapping after rigging - is it possible?


Hey guys :slight_smile:

So I ran into an issue after adjusting the UV’s of an already rigged model, and it looked great, until I moved him around.

Is there a way to get around this problem? maybe a plugin of some kind?

Here’s some pictures to better explain:

Before moving:

After moving:


Hey I love the new look, very fashionable. What package you using mate?


haha yeah. I’m using Maya 2008.


The problem is that after you UV, you need to delete history on the mesh so that the UV’s move with the character… but if you do so, you wreck the skinning. You can either save out the skin weights, delete history, and re-apply the weights… or try this method:


It’s a bit tricky but I did it successfuly with another rig last week, so it should work.


Yea I usually use the unwrap duplicate/transfer method too. Something to be mindful of in 2008 is they have changed the menu for poly transfer. Go to Mesh>Transfer Attributes and reset the options and then set the sample space to ‘component’.


I actually want to cry a little.

I had this issue a few months back on a project with an incredibly tight deadline, fought into the last few hours to find a solution, only to give up and warp the texture into the existing, highly munted, UV layout from before it was skinned. In the end it wasn’t ideal, but it worked.

I’m printing this article and sticking it on my wall.


Awesome guys. It worked out great! Had to give it a couple attempts but finally got it right :). Thanks so much!


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