UV atlas view tip ... Connect object with a Material Tag


Maybe this is a well-known method, in case not wanted to share how to view multiple models UVs all at the same time., because selecting multiple objects UV tags currently only displays one UV tag at a time.

Group models inside a Connect object and add a material texture tag to the connect object set to UV. Select the Connect objects Material Tag and all the grouped models UVs can be seen at the same time.

This has helped me speed up UV atlases layout for devices like Oculus Quest, hope it helps others.

Love the new R21 UV transform tool, thank you Maxon!


thanks for the tip - is this only to view them together? Or is there a way to interact with them while viewing them all?

I see I can select each individual object and edit UVs one at a time.


quite a nice tip, thanks… i didn’t know about that and surely will have use for it.


Only to view them all together, I wish we could select points and faces also but we can not.


Nice one!