UV animation issue



I’ve been successfully animating the UVs of an object by selecting the UVs in the UV Texture Editor and simply hitting S to set keyframes to create a scrolling texture effect. I duplicated the object because I needed a second object to behave slightly differently. Now when I playback the scene the previously animated objects UVs dont move, the keys no longer exist and when I try to re-animate them the same way I get an error.

// Warning: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2014/scripts/others/doSetKeyframeArgList.mel line 641: Current manipulator and active objects have no keyable attributes, , or animation layers are present and the BaseAnimation bar is not selected or locked. //

Even if a create a new scene and try to test animating a poly plane’s UVs I get the error.

Any ideas?



It would probably work better to animate the 2d placement node. I think animating offset will get the texture to scroll.


yeah, I am aware of that method. Only thing is I need to differently animate the UVs of two separate models both using the same texture/placement node. This method, would cause them to both have the same animation I believe.

I’m just stumped. It was working fine yesterday and anytime I’ve tried it in the past. Select UVs, move, set key. And now this error regardless if I try a new scene to test in.



Why not duplicate the shading network, and animate the placement nodes separately?


This works as well. I’m mostly concerned as to why the method I was using was working fine, then just stopped. These type of Maya bugs drive me crazy! haha


Do you have a Tweak Node connect to your geo’?

Think you need one in there before you can animate UVs.


I didn’t have to do anything fancy before… All I did in the past was assign a texture to an object, go into the UV Texture Editor, select the UVs, hit S to keyframe, progress the timeslider, readjusts the UVs and hit S again. Boom, animated UVs. Now when try to set a key I get the error message posted above. For the time being, I duplicated the shading networks as suggested and of course this works, but the other method is a bit more streamlined and better on performance I believe.


The S-button should work just fine for keyframing UV-coordinates. If it doesn’t then try and keybind something else (like the rotation of a cube) and see if the problem is specific or not.

Either way, animating UVs like that is a bit frowned upon in game development because of the problems of getting these kind of animations into the game engine; which is why people almost always animate the 2d projection node of the material instead of the coords of a specific UV-set.

And you are right that animating the projection node will make the entire material animated. But as someone has already told you, the solution to that is to just dupe the shading network:
Go into the Hypershade and select your material. Ctrl+C followed by Ctrl+V. Click the copy, rename it, apply it to your other objects, remove keyframes from the animated (duped) material if needed.


Hey folks,

I realize that there are several work arounds and I have already animated the UVs using other methods. This isnt for a game, I’ve worked professionally in a number on engines over the years and know how to achieve this in engines like UDK or Unity. I’m just concerend with why this worked one minute, then getting an error the next. Also, having issues with autokey at the moment. Maybe this install of Maya is hosed. I reset all my prefs etc… it’s just weird/annoying.

This is on my home machine so I don’t have access to a technical artist/dev like I would at the studio. haha


If Maya isn’t crashing several times a day, you’re probably doing something wrong.


Haha I’m frustrated reading all of the “workarounds” in here (which are great workflows!..) when that’s not the question at hand but yeah…I’m not sure why that bug is. Sorry, just had to come and share your pain.


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