UT2007 (screens)


I have seen it in motion. The animation of the characters, when I saw it, still had that ‘digital’ 4 direction motion look of the previous Unreal games. It seemed they were moving in that unrealistic quickness, which looked worse since the models looked incredible and life-like. This was dissapointing and I forsee it being an issue for quite some time. Until you can show a character making realistic movements to give the illusion of using weight and muscles to change course, jump around, etc… it’s going to fall flat. It’s the same feeling of seeing an incredible special effect prop move with jerky digitaly programed servos. I wouldn’t mind if the developers had to slow down the characters a bit… it wouldn’t be ‘arcadey’ anymore, but more like Battlefield 2. However, in Tekken 8, the characters will look completely real while performing the EXACT same unrealistic moves as animated in the first Tekken… cause it’s a franchise. :frowning:


Parrot, I agree with ya with overall and I love each and everyone of those and even more cerebral games, but I think it’s important to point out that the Unreal series was never meant to serve that end. UT has always been about gaudily colorful rock’n’roll shoot-em-up action. Its depth then is not thematic, but tactical or physical. Being able to enjoy both styles in the proper contexts, I think, is important.

In short, I’m saying it’s simply non sequitur to use narratological criteria to judge ludological games, and vice versa. These screenshot ARE nothing but a tech demo. Bersega is very wrong, most of the core gamer group at whom UT style games are aimed at DO turn down the details after the novelty has worn off. These games are just not meant to be anything but visceral lightspeed checker games with rail guns and rockets, and even eye candy takes a second seat to victory.


Cenobite, mark my words, the next big evolutions in game design will not be next and nexter-gen systems, but AI/physics driven animation and better NPC AI/scripting. The X360 is like GBA from GB, the gameplay and experience is the same old shiny crap.


a friend of mine played GOW at the zero hour event last month. He is really good cg artist(creditials) i trust his opinion according to him the game looks unbelievable, he also noted it had motion blur, depth of field, no aliasing issues, no low res textires popping anywhere and the models looked just as detailed closeup as they did far away. He said it looked like he was playing a cg movie. We will see next fall


@CenobiteIf you want good looking Char-Animations then take a look at Knights of the Temple…
I was really blown away when i first saw how the main-char moves!
It can be done!

UT had allways its own artistic style… like Doom/Quake games and every other game. I think it can be said that the Style of ID is more morbid and Epic is more colorful and spacey(like an LSD Trip). I allways prefered “dark and evil” scenarios, but the new games D3, where actually boring. If you want D3 GFX with much diffrent locations and more textures go buy Riddick, Escape from Butcherbay or Vampires2(buggy!) and somehow i allways liked the GFX of SplinterCell.
However, People like a style or not. For the UT2007 Screens i cant say if i like the screen or not… actually i dont care, i wait for the 2nd generation games that run on these Engines. :slight_smile:
atm. iam waiting for The Witcher… GFX looks really nice!


full screnn MB? DOF is not too hard these days but full screen MB is costly…


I think realistic character animation in FPS games is a tougher problem to solve than would intially appear.

In life, the expectation of changing direction results in the prepatory actions neccessary to see it through. If I am running forward and I plan to stop, I will slow and plant my heels accordingly so that I stop at the desired location or as soon as possible. The important thing to note is that I planned to stop at a particular point, and the stop actually occurred after my decision.

On a computer, since the controlled character is disjoined from your intent, it can’t animate in preparation for the intended action. If you’re running forward in Unreal Tournament, how does the computer know that you plan to stop before the piller and break right? Certainly in real life, knowing this course of action, you would shift your weight accordingly. If you didn’t know, well, as you might suspect hilarity would likely ensue…

With some sort of action/display lag, improved animation is possible. Across a network, it may also be possible to hide this lag whilst not seriously hindering gameplay. Another potential solution is a predictability model of motion. For example, a computer uses the model to determine preparatory animations to stop as a character approaches a wall.

It seems, for the time being, that graphics remain the focus of the technological advance in games, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before this level of detail is addressed.


Then I object to the series overall! :wink: Nah, I see your point, though both from looking at the screenshots from a technical perspective and from a quality perspective it looks … well, crap. Taking a look at that black soldier - my first reaction was ‘better as half-life!’, after which I suddenly thought ‘wait. He doesn’t look real’. Yes, it’s just a tech demo, but that doesn’t ‘justify’ the lack of quality for me.

At any rate, here at school people play Unreal Tournament (or what’s’it) quite a lot, old graphics don’t matter, like you see. So… colourful graphics with action at lightspeed - would like to see a demo of that rather as their fancy normal maps :wink:


I couldn’t agree more.
I’m so glad to hear others say that. I’m gonna admit that I’m done being impressed with graphics. The 360 is at the point where there it’s pretty damn good. I saw NBA live on 360 and thought I was watching a real baskeball game. Then about 5 seconds into it I thought something looked weird. When I noticed how poorly animated everythign was, it immediately screamed ‘videogame’ to me.

Madden and NBA both looked brilliant! But the animation is poor. It kills the realism for me. I mean I’m so tired of seeing a bunch of 300lb+ line-men just bumping into each other like blocks of cement after each play. Or seeing a running back immediately snap into a standing pose after just running.
Where are the inbetweens?! Where are the sporadic motions that humans do that you don’t ideally want to do. Like swat at bugs, rubs your ass, massage your muscles… the details.
Too much is “dive animation” “stand up animation” “run animation” repeat.


I’d spent more time and had alot more fun playing wolfenstein than playing doom 3…but hey today only graphics matters


To the masses. There’s a whole indy market, if you know where to look. Me and a friend are looking into setting up something for that - to make the indymarket more appealing and larger. Look at Darwinia; game of ‘today’ but no producer ruined it :slight_smile:


Parrot you should play Kingdom of Loathing. It’s an inspiration to indy developers everywhere, a php browser based MMORPG of hilarious proportions started by one guy who has now quit his job, funded solely by donations.


Q4 looks really really good actually. The normal mapping may be a little too hot on the monsters, but they certainly don’t look like plastic.

I’m not sure why Normal mapping is the result of this. Perhaps it’s because they are transforming the light into tangent space where they compute the lighting equation. I guess the skin shouldn’t have such a high specular coefficient on the skin.

Environments and props look good.



Agreed. It’s probably too costly for the hardware that’s in the 360 (full-screen that is).



actually - maybe someone knowledgeable can enlighten me on this topic : looking at PGR3 it really looks like there is some kind of motion blur applied in many screenshots i have seen… basic radial blur cheat or something more clever ? anyone has any idea on the subject ? (i have not seen the actual game running yet)


If this image is anything to go by; http://xbox360media.ign.com/xbox360/image/article/665/665494/project-gotham-racing-3-the-line-up-pt-2-20051108044646064.jpg

Looks like your every day radial blur applied to everything but the cars - shouldn’t be too hard; just figure out what speed the camera is going and in which direction; then modify it to make the center point of the radial blur in the absolute direction one is traveling at (well, that is not too easy, but doable)…


Pgr is not using radial blur. Radial blur is what you see in Burnout and need for speed. It looks good what ever it is

full screnn MB? DOF is not too hard these days but full screen MB is costly…

I’m not sure I’ll ask. I think it’s faked full screen motion blur, meaning that it looks like motion blur but its not, same way we get faked sss in games. whatever it is its definitely not radial blur, Also check out this video for Fight Night 360, its also using motion blur. DOA is suposed to have it as well

developer interview with game footage

game trailer


Actually, DOF in games is not actual DOF but post-scenerender DOF; a depth pass is rendered out and the screen is rendered blurred (by simply rendering it multible times using changing values for transparency), then the two are combined depending on that depth pass. Hence, in less well done versions of DOF you see forground objects’ edges blurred through in the background.

Quick search gives this image; you can see it’s blurred ‘wronly’ on the edges of the combine.

I imagine it’s perfectly possible to render a pass with ‘what moves’ data and apply the standard blur to that… interesting idea. Though nothing for me :wink: no fancy DOF and motion blur in my trial-at-game :stuck_out_tongue:


Motion blur in Unreal Engine 3 isnt particularly expensive. In fact, it’s almost free.


someone just found this mgs4 video from TGS showing off the DOF and effects:

Very cool stuff!