UT2007 (screens)


currently yes…on the horizon, no.


No. But even if they add realtime GI and SSS to your list within 10 years,
games really don’t get interesting story wise (as mentioned) Same stuff all the way.

I think the problem is that people who decide on games are companies, where those who have the say are business men and the techies who write the engines.

Imagine David Fincher or David Lynch would make a game…
(or your favorite director)

There must be a Director constitution just like in the film industry.
Meaning people whose whole and only job is getting the story that has been developed with the writers into the game. That would be the point at where games would be interesting (4 me) again.


I think that they went to far with Promo shots and I’m a bit disappointed with the look in some thing in those screenshots. I hope that in game it doesn’t look worse than those shots…

I was hoping for really awesome self-shadowed parallax and dynamic SSS and this kind of stuff they can have in UE3…but I guess it’s too early to abuse from that :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be amazing to play with the texture resolution shown in those shots, thinking how big maps probably are, and how many characters and vehicles can a level have…

The UT look is still there, but something changed IMO, that city doesn’t look like any other levels I’ve played (and remembered) in UT series, we will have to see how gameplay actually works though.

I can’t wait to see what they did with speedtree and exterior daylighting.

UT is one of the craziest FPS by excellence, you people can’t ask for a realistic mood, because I think this is not their point. Crazy weapons and high-tech nonsense character designs are seen in every UT.


There are a bunch of games with great graphics, storyline and gameplay. Think of HL2, Final Fantasies, Shadow of Colossus…you can’t ask much from a tournament where people fight to be “the best”. That’s what UT was and will be :slight_smile:


yeah, like that day of defeat trailer… Motion blur, depth of field, HDR look great but damn! how those badly animated characters break all! smooth and seamless animation in games is really what I’m looking forward to!

Speaking of UT2k7, I think it looks great!


I can’t remember were I got the trailer but it’s the UT2007 black guy going over the diffrences in the weapons and vehicles in this kinda techy background and the animation is awesome ! Also there was a tech demo for the PS3 I believe and it had a robot chasing a guy in armor and then the guy shoots the bot and they battle a bit …I thought the animation there was cinematic quality …outstanding IMHO but im not expert like you . The gears of war animations have not botherd me like a lot of games …like Doom 3 had truly awful animation .


David Lynch

Wasnt that the guy who said: “If someone wants to tell a story, he should write a book.” ???


Yes these are good games and they are genres. The problem is the rest of the gaming industry is imitating them. (With the exception of Sims, GTA and a few other games)
The only thing changing are the characters, environment and the puzzles along the way.

Storywise %98 percent of games follow the same path IMO. Kill, BUM BANG! :argh:

OK there’s a proved way of success. And most gamedevs are scared to dive into new adventures. Unfortunately it’s that mindset what makes most new games unsuccessfull.
I’d like to see funny game stories like in the film “Delicatessen”. Psycho/funny stories that is…

EDIT: About David Lynch
Hell yes, maybe thats exactly what a game needs. No story at all :lightbulb


Well… if someone wants to make a movie without a story, he should make a slide-show (diascope) evening…



Couldn’t resist!
Carmack once sad something about stories in a game: (something along the line…)

“A story in a video game is like a story in a porno film.
Yes you need it but it’s not that important…”

My take on this unneccessary long topic is, yeah maybe there should be more games who have a different approach when it comes to the story.


As long as its different and interesting, why not. :arteest:


Hell yes, that’s exactly what games need, a shallow audience for whom Lynch is meaningless.


Anybody who wants stories and innovativety needs to start buying games like Beyond Good & Evil, Darwinia and Psychonauts, which all were innovative, good-looking, story/concept-wise exceeding, most important full of style and overall they all sold bad: research shows that gamers ‘want new things in games’ but nobody pays for it.

       I'm doing a game study at the moment but I must admit that games as medium look like they're quite childish; overhyped, overtechnolized and played not by devoted fans but by people seeking things they can't get any other way; it isn't irregular that even at school I'm annoyed with the amount of copy-paste styles going on in games people like or what-they-refer-to-as 'artwork', games like Psychonauts and Darwinia are only [i]known [/i]by people who are not your every day person (meaning, they actually have a good brain or are just stylish overall).

I think the problem is that gaming has overgrown it’s own bounds, smacked out the devoted fans (where’s the adventure genre that was so heart-warming? Ah, it’s over there, with easy-to-devour games like Myst V!) and let in commerce, just like films - though they both have their Half-Lifes and King Kongs (both heavily rely on technology yet offer more).

       So in fact screenshots like this tire me, they're bland and show off nothing but technical knowledge which is dull to me as a liker of art over technology. Yes, technology is nice and every polygon I can paste into my scenes real-time without making machines scream in terror is nice, but this just looks crap.

Wow, there go my potential producers :stuck_out_tongue:


hmm I agree with a few previous users that these shots are really disapointing, look at earlier shots and they are better… these ones now seem like they cut the poly count yet again… and the normal maps in my opinion are ruining alot of games… quake 4 for instance looks like plastic garbage ugh…

but then again it is only my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:


just from looking at these shots, i’m getting the urge to start playing some more UT2004 Onslaught mode!

looking good, can’t wait to see it and play it in person.


looks unbelievable!!, wish someone would make bladerunner on unreal.



.most gamers only turn down all the details anyway…

Crack must be a delightful substance in your world!


my point is that it only takes one item out of place to break the suspension of disbelief for a viewer…it can be an aniamtion, a bad texture or some graphical anomoly…as we foray into higher resolutions we cannot cut corners on the “whole” image…once we set on a bar for resolution adn quality in production, you MUST neet or exceed that bar on the whole of your game…if production gets hairy and you have to give certain areas less attention than others, it will be noticable adn draw deserved positive review from the stunning elements into negative review of the less than polished elements…

next gen dev is waaaay harder than you think :wink:


actually, i am a visual person adn get paid to give people great eye candy, but if i need all the tech performance i can muster as to not inhibit my gameplay I will turn the details down as well…of course that is only for those wretched PC titles…

xbox 360 baby! :slight_smile:


mm, indeed, I love the smell of burnt plastic in the mornin’


Smells like … Victory