UT2007 (screens)


I’d spent more time and had alot more fun playing wolfenstein than playing doom 3…but hey today only graphics matters


To the masses. There’s a whole indy market, if you know where to look. Me and a friend are looking into setting up something for that - to make the indymarket more appealing and larger. Look at Darwinia; game of ‘today’ but no producer ruined it :slight_smile:


Parrot you should play Kingdom of Loathing. It’s an inspiration to indy developers everywhere, a php browser based MMORPG of hilarious proportions started by one guy who has now quit his job, funded solely by donations.


Q4 looks really really good actually. The normal mapping may be a little too hot on the monsters, but they certainly don’t look like plastic.

I’m not sure why Normal mapping is the result of this. Perhaps it’s because they are transforming the light into tangent space where they compute the lighting equation. I guess the skin shouldn’t have such a high specular coefficient on the skin.

Environments and props look good.



Agreed. It’s probably too costly for the hardware that’s in the 360 (full-screen that is).



actually - maybe someone knowledgeable can enlighten me on this topic : looking at PGR3 it really looks like there is some kind of motion blur applied in many screenshots i have seen… basic radial blur cheat or something more clever ? anyone has any idea on the subject ? (i have not seen the actual game running yet)


If this image is anything to go by; http://xbox360media.ign.com/xbox360/image/article/665/665494/project-gotham-racing-3-the-line-up-pt-2-20051108044646064.jpg

Looks like your every day radial blur applied to everything but the cars - shouldn’t be too hard; just figure out what speed the camera is going and in which direction; then modify it to make the center point of the radial blur in the absolute direction one is traveling at (well, that is not too easy, but doable)…


Pgr is not using radial blur. Radial blur is what you see in Burnout and need for speed. It looks good what ever it is

full screnn MB? DOF is not too hard these days but full screen MB is costly…

I’m not sure I’ll ask. I think it’s faked full screen motion blur, meaning that it looks like motion blur but its not, same way we get faked sss in games. whatever it is its definitely not radial blur, Also check out this video for Fight Night 360, its also using motion blur. DOA is suposed to have it as well

developer interview with game footage

game trailer


Actually, DOF in games is not actual DOF but post-scenerender DOF; a depth pass is rendered out and the screen is rendered blurred (by simply rendering it multible times using changing values for transparency), then the two are combined depending on that depth pass. Hence, in less well done versions of DOF you see forground objects’ edges blurred through in the background.

Quick search gives this image; you can see it’s blurred ‘wronly’ on the edges of the combine.

I imagine it’s perfectly possible to render a pass with ‘what moves’ data and apply the standard blur to that… interesting idea. Though nothing for me :wink: no fancy DOF and motion blur in my trial-at-game :stuck_out_tongue:


Motion blur in Unreal Engine 3 isnt particularly expensive. In fact, it’s almost free.


someone just found this mgs4 video from TGS showing off the DOF and effects:

Very cool stuff!


Finally more people are speaking about the lack of improovements in video game animation. With a combination of AI and physics there will be more advancements, but otherwise expect the increase in graphical quality to fail at generating additional hype. If it looks real but moves like crap, it becomes even more noticeable and less pleasing to the eye than something that doesn’t move well and doesn’t look realistic.


gears of war footage looking good



That’s because back then you had choice between Wolfenstein and… Wolfenstein.


Actually there was alot of choice back then. Heretic, Hexen, Catacombs, Ken’s Labryinth, Blake Stone, Marathon, Rise of the Triad… man I miss those days =(


Heretic, Hexen, RotT use the Doom2 engine and were released years after Wolftenstein.


Never understood why people liked hexen. Very ugly and simplistic. RotT was a lame game too, just because it was gory doesn’t make it fun. It wasn’t the gore that made Doom fun.


Aw shucks, Hexen was a personal fave. If you’ve played it multiplayer, you see what a well-balanced and exciting game it was compared to Doom. There was nothing quite the same as watching an opponent trying to fly away, turning him into a pig, an repulsing off the edge of a cliff :stuck_out_tongue:


Unreal Tournament 2007 to be PS3 launch title

“The January 2006 issue of PlayStation Magazine proudly proclaims that, yes, UT 2007 is coming to the PlayStation 3. Inside, the magazine also reveals that the game will be a launch title for the PlayStation 3(…)”



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